Cuboids Facts for Kids – 5 Crazy Facts about Cuboids

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A microwave, tissues box, and shoebox what do you think they have in common? Yes! They are are cuboids. Let’s learn five crazy facts about cuboids for kids.

Cuboids Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: A Cuboid Is a Three-dimensional Shape

A three dimensional shape is a solid shape that has three dimensions: length, width, and height. Three dimensional rectangular shaped objects are known as ‘cuboids’. A rectangle is the two dimensional version of a cuboid. It is one of the most commonly seen shapes around us. Cuboid means “like a cube”.

Cuboids Facts for Kids

Cuboids Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: A Cuboid Has Six Sides

A cuboid has 6 sides or faces, twelve edges and eight vertices. Unlike a cube, all the edges of a cuboid are not the same length. A cuboid had 4 rectangular faces and two square faces. The four rectangular sides of a cuboid are identical. A cuboid has 4 lateral faces and 2 faces of top and bottom. Lateral faces are  The lateral face of a three-dimensional shape is the face that is on its side instead of on its top or its bottom.

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Cuboids Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Many Objects in Your Home Are Cuboid Shape

Everyday you see many cuboid shapes without even realising it. Many boxes such as shoeboxes, food containers are in the shape of cuboids. Microwaves are also in the shape of a cuboid and nearly all books you own or see are cuboid in shape! Look around your home and see what is a cuboid shape, maybe it’s a chest of drawers or a jewellery box?

Cuboids Facts for Kids
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Cuboids Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: A Cuboid Is also Known as a Rectangular Prism

A cuboid is also a prism. It’s known as a rectangular prism. A prism is a type of three-dimensional shape with flat sides. A prism object has two ends that are the same shape and size and it has the same cross-section all the way through. This means that if you cut through it you would see the same 2D shape as on either side.

Cuboids Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: A Cuboid Is Made up of Right Angles

Did you know that a cuboid shape only contains right angles? This is one of the main ways you can tell if a shape is a cuboid or not, if all angles are not right angles then the shape is not a cuboid.  The opposite edges of all cuboids are also parallel to each other.  These features make cuboids easy to distinguish. This is also similar to  cubes shapes.

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