Isosceles Triangle: What is an Isosceles Triangle? Brilliant KS2 Maths

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Do you know what is an isosceles triangle?

Lets go through this video in order to know all about it and educate the kids more when it comes to shapes.

Teaching kids more about the shapes is easy, it is easy to tell them about the circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, hexagonal, etc.

kids should know these shapes even with the things and toys they play with on a daily basis. One of these different shapes is the triangle and one of the different types of the triangles is the isosceles triangle.

Isosceles Triangle LearningMole

What Makes The Isosceles Triangle Special?

Most of the kids might not even know that there are different types for the triangle and that is why they might not be well aware of the isosceles one:

Isosceles Triangle LearningMole
  1. The isosceles triangle is the triangle with two equal sides and this means that the two sides are of equal length.
  2. The base of the isosceles triangle is the non-congruent side in the triangle and this means that it is the only one not equal in shape or length.

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