Math Games for Kids – Count Down


Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division; these are the different mathematical operations that we learn in math and these are the ones that kids could learn to count down through using and these are the ones that Michelle is also referring to in this video about math games for kids. There are lots and lots of math games for kids and maybe teaching them how to count is the most important one of them, because counting is not just about saying the numbers, but it is also about doing the different mathematical operations that are found in the world of math – these all come under the wide term of counting down. This mathematical lesson or game for kids is based on the idea of choosing numbers and then using those numbers you have chosen to bring a given answer at the end. For example, parents will ask their kids to choose four different numbers less than 10, then choose a number that is multiplied by 10 and another multiplied by 25. The parent will choose a total number – any number – and the game will be to ask the kids to do addition, subtraction, multiplication or division that would end up giving that number or even one closer to it at the end.