Top 10 Extraordinary Dogs In History 

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Dogs are a man’s best friend, or so they say. We, humans, have a more extended period than dogs. They tend to live shorter lives. However, they make it worth living by being as spontaneous as they are.  Nevertheless, all animals have a cute side to them. So, it doesn’t matter if you are a cat or dog person. Your pets will love you. 

Dogs are, in reality, descendants of wolves. Super cool! Right? Not only that, but they have a very distinctive sense of smell. They can smell a whole trail of footsteps if they are well-trained to do so by smelling a trace of the person they are tracking. 

Some dogs are large. Other dogs can be as small as a teacup! They can be adorable but beware. Let us remind you that they are descendants of wolves. They can be hunters and police dogs. They are as vicious as they are cute. 

Some dogs are super hyper and energetic. Some others are just as lazy as couch potatoes. They hardly move, and all they ever do is sleep. Some are playful and want to play all the time, everywhere! Others are friendly by nature. 

As we mentioned, dogs vary in size, breed, and personality. Some dogs are said to be energetic just because they are husky breeds. Others are often misunderstood because they look different, just like pit bulls. 

Labels vary, but in the end, all dogs are unique. Not necessarily determined by their supposed nature, breed, or shape. A dog can definitely be your next best friend. This article will list ten of the most awesome dogs in the world and briefly discuss each of them. 


Laika was a stray dog. Stray dogs live in the streets, usually in packs. They protect the area that they inhabit due to their proactive nature. Beware of a stray dog that just gave birth. She’ll be unforgiving to any being that comes close enough to her children. Laika has a fantastic story to tell, but it has a sad ending. 

On 4 October 1957, when the Soviet Union sent up their first satellite, Sputnik, they also sent up a dog named Laika. This dog was the first animal to go around the Earth because she was small and could make it through the trip.

Laik became famous all over the world while he was in space. He was called the “Czechoslovakian space dog.” But when she was launched, many people didn’t know that she was a stray living on Moscow’s streets.

Togo & Balto

A remote Alaskan community was devastated by the diphtheria epidemic of 1925. Because of the distance and severity of the snowstorms, it was nearly impossible to bring the people there the medicine they required to survive. The only hope for survival was twenty mushers or dogs trained to pull sledges.

These dogs had to walk over a thousand kilometres in temperatures as low as 30 degrees below zero. All this effort was expended to ensure that the drugs arrived in the community on time. Despite overwhelming odds, Balto (the leader) and Togo (the second leader) were able to guide their followers through what became known as the “great race of mercy.” 


Hachiko, a Japanese Akita dog, is one of the dogs whose unwavering loyalty changed history. In 1923, a university professor in Tokyo took him in as a child and reared him. As the dog got older, he got used to going with his owner to Shibuya Station every day to wait for his master to get home from work.

The owner of Hachiko seemed to live an everyday life until 1925, when he died suddenly of a brain haemorrhage. The dog didn’t understand what was happening, so he returned to the train station to wait for his owner.

Even though most people think this, Hachiko spent his whole life at the train station, hoping against hope that he would see his owner again. At the entrance to Shibuya Station, there is a statue of Hachiko because of how loyal and kind she was without expecting anything in return.


We’ve all seen The Wizard of Oz, and we all remember how sad it was when Dorothy told Toto, “I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Even though this dog is undoubtedly one of the most famous dogs of all time, many people don’t know about his past.

Toto was first named Terry. When he was a puppy, he was left for dead. But she was lucky enough to be taken in by Carl Spitz, a German immigrant who was the dog trainer of record in Hollywood.

With his help, she became one of the most popular dog actresses of her time, appearing in movies with famous people like Judy Garland. Terry knew how to act in Hollywood before The Wizard of Oz made her famous. She was alive for 11 years and was in 17 movies.


After becoming a famous dog movie star in the 1940s and 1950s, this one-of-a-kind dog with long hair became one of the most well-known dogs in history. Before Lassie, there were many well-known dog characters, like Shiloh, Wishbone, and Benji. Both a TV show from the 1990s and a full-length movie from 2005 give new looks at the famous Collie.


The Mexican Navy taught Frida how to be a search-and-rescue dog. During the 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Mexico in 2017, many buildings fell, but this little dog stood out for her brave efforts to save people. After this happened, the rumours that Frida would save people in Haiti, Guatemala, and Ecuador made her even more famous. The Mexican Navy gave her a medal and a statue for her work.


The story of Chonino is different from most stories about dogs as heroes, where the dogs usually did well. As a guard dog, this beautiful dog was used by the Federal Police of Argentina.

Chonino noticed two people acting strangely on 2 June 1983 while patrolling with his two handlers. Both dog handlers were hurt in the ensuing gunfight, which started when the suspects refused to prove who they were. So, one of them told the dog to attack, and the dog lunged at the person who had given the order to attack.

Chonino was killed when the second lousy guy shot him in the back as the others ran away. Luckily, the dog’s bite tore open a pocket on the pants of his killer, letting him show his ID. Because of this, the police were able to find and catch the killers five days later.

Chonino’s death would help catch his killers and show how essential police dogs are in our society. In honour of Chonino, 2 June is National Dog Day in Argentina.


Psychoanalysis is often credited to Sigmund Freud, but he also made significant contributions to the field of canine-assisted therapy. Many people think that Freud’s Chow, Jofi, was the first therapy dog and set the stage for pet-assisted treatments used today.

Freud always had Jofi with him in the doctor’s office. Freud thought that having Jofi there calmed his patients, especially the children. He also noticed that patients were much more honest and open when she was there.


Even though Scooby-Doo isn’t real, he deserves to be on our list because dog lovers love him. Since the 1960s, he’s been a mainstay of cartoons, and he’s still a fan favourite today.

The original Scooby-Doo cast included Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy. The show’s success is mainly because each character has a unique personality and skill set. Velma, a teenage girl who loves science, would always be the one to lead the way when there was an investigation to be done.

She was the team’s go-to scientist and calm head most of the time, and thanks to her, they could figure out their mysteries. There was enough room inside the van-like Mystery Machine for all four actors to ride in it simultaneously. To help with paranormal investigations, the Crystal Cove Condo could change into a Spellsville Scrambler or vice versa.

The bad guy in each episode was either a supernatural or a natural person who tried to hurt the Mystery Machine team. People often say ghosts, zombies, monsters, and ogres could be dangerous. Physically, these Scooby-Doldus faced problems like Shaggy’s pet octopus and Daphne’s fear of snakes.

In many episodes, the bad guy was just one person who did everything he could to stop the gang and take their money. In these situations, Velma and/or Daphne had to figure out who the bad guy was and expose them to make things right again in Crystal Cove.

The main plot of each episode was always the same: the group would encounter a ghost or monster that would scare them. The next step would be to look for clues that might help them figure out what kind of animal it is or find the stolen things.

Shaggy would then devise a plan to use their own Mystery Machine to build a working car that could solve any mystery, no matter how big or small. The group would then get into the aptly named vehicle and head out. Still, mechanical problems would stop them, leaving them to solve the mystery without the help of modern technology.


When Morris Frank was only six years old, he hurt his left eye in an accident while riding a horse. About ten years later, he lost his right sight in a boxing match, which made him totally blind. In 1927, when Frank was a 20-year-old student at Vanderbilt, his father read him an article from the Saturday Evening Post.

Dorothy Harrison Eustis, an American dog trainer, wrote “The Seeing Eye” after seeing how dogs helped World War I veterans who had lost sight. At the time, she lived in Switzerland, where she saw how dogs helped blind veterans.

Frank was a very independent guy who didn’t like relying on other men to show him the way. He called Eustis immediately, and Eustis invited him to Switzerland to meet one of these fantastic dogs. In 1928, Morris Frank got Buddy, a female German Shepherd. He was the first person in the United States to get a trained seeing-eye dog.

Frank and Eustis spent 30 days in Switzerland, where he met Buddy, became close to her, and learned to trust that she would keep him safe even on the busiest city streets. When Frank and Eustis worked together, they decided to give blind Americans seeing eye dogs.

Eustis agreed to help fund the project as long as it could be shown that guide dogs could help blind people get around busy city streets and that the public was taught that guide dogs should be allowed in all public places.

Frank started Seeing Eye, the first group in the United States to focus on training guide dogs for people who are blind. He and Buddy were essential in making the modern Americans with Disabilities Act, which protects people with disabilities who depend on service animals.

Importance of Dogs

Dogs are popular pets and are also used in the military, by the police, and as security guards. Ancient people liked dogs because they were always there for them and because they could help them hunt. Even though dogs are popular, many people see them as dangerous. This is why they make great guards or trackers. Throughout history, people have found many ways to use dogs.

The military uses dogs to find and destroy enemy targets. They are also used as guard dogs to scare people, hunt, and search for lost people. They are also used to find people who have been hurt in disasters and to treat people who are sick or disabled.

Some people also use their help in farming to keep livestock in line. They are also used to feed people when they don’t have enough food. Many people think dogs are beneficial because they can do many things.

Since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, dogs have shown they are helpful. Ancient Egyptians used dogs for hunting and watching over tombs. This indicates that dogs were essential to them at the time. The Greeks and Romans also liked dogs because they were friendly and loyal.

Different kinds of dogs are suitable for other jobs, like search and rescue or military work. For inquiry and recovery, it’s helpful to have a dog with good sight or smell. Some breeds also do well on hikes. A good hiking dog should be calm and quiet so you can focus on what you’re doing without worrying about your pet.

Working in the military means protecting a country’s borders or soldiers in battle. You’ll need a protective, loyal, and muscular dog to fight with you. Dogs are beneficial animals that can be helpful in many different situations.

They are great for hunting, protection, and therapy. Plus, no matter what happens at work that day, they are always happy to see you. People have used dogs in a lot of different ways throughout history. Because of their natural abilities and athleticism, it’s impossible to know what will happen in the future.


The great things dogs have done throughout history will be written down and told by people for a long time. But there will be many more amazing dogs in the years to come. The truth is that all dogs are unique in their own ways.

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