Subtraction for Kids – Maths Vocabulary

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Math vocabulary is wide and there are different words that could lead to the same meaning at the end, and that is the reason why teaching kids this vocabulary is important as it helps them to understand what they are supposed to do. Subtraction is the word mainly used but there are different ones which also ask for the same operation to happen, such as take away, minus, left or left over, half, how many fewer, how much less is, etc. All these different terms or words give the child the hint to know what they are supposed to do and what is asked from them. Before parents reach the stage in which they will teach the kids how to subtract and even provide them with different methods which they could depend on, parents should first make sure that their kids understand what subtraction is and what are the other words in the vocabulary of math which carry the same meaning, because if they didn’t understand the words and know that they are all linked to one another, they will fail to subtract the numbers from one another and get the final answer as well.

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