Subtraction for Kids 8- KS2 Column Method


Subtraction for kids starts at an easy level and then it becomes harder with every new grade the kids reach. The basic subtraction method is the one that is the most important because it gives the kids the initial understanding of it all and it is important to be used with the big numbers. Column subtraction is the same as the basic subtraction method in which the kids will need to place the two numbers under one another and then do the calculation. The column subtraction is one good method for the big numbers which the kids will not succeed in solving them with number lines or building blocks, and that is the reason why we consider it the main mathematical tool when it comes to subtraction. When it comes to teaching math for kids, there are usually some tips related to every single mathematical operation which parents and teachers should pay attention to and in the case of subtraction, this tip or hint is about placing the bigger number first and giving it the priority to handle the equation you are going to deal with.