Rhombus Facts for Kids – 5 Remarkable Facts about Rhombus

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Diamonds are really beautiful! Do you know what the diamond shape called? Let’s learn five remarkable rhombus facts for kids.

Rhombus Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Four-sided Shape

A rhombus is a special kind of geometric shape. It is a flat, four-sided shape with all sides the same length. It is different from a rectangle, square, and parallelogram because it has no right angles and all four sides have the same length.

Rhombus Facts for Kids
Shabby orange door with rhombus

Rhombus Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Angles of a Rhombus

The angles of a rhombus are all equal, which means that each angle measures the same. They are all 90 degrees which makes rhombus a special kind of quadrilateral.

Rhombus Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Parallelogram

A rhombus is also a special type of parallelogram, which means that opposite sides are parallel. This means that if you draw a line through the center of a rhombus, it will divide it into two congruent (same-shaped) parts.

Rhombus Facts for Kids LearningMole
Yellow turn sign in rhombus shape

Rhombus Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Diamond Shape

A rhombus can also be called a diamond shape because of its resemblance to a diamond. It has a symmetrical shape and its angles are not perpendicular, giving it a unique look.

Rhombus Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Snowflakes

Rhombuses are found in nature, such as in the shape of crystals, snowflakes, and honeycomb. They are also used in art and design, such as in tile patterns and quilts. They are also used in engineering and architecture, such as the design of gears and wheels, and in the construction of buildings and bridges. Additionally, in mathematics, rhombus has a special place in geometry as it can be used to construct many geometric shapes, and also it can be used to solve many mathematical problems.

Rhombus Facts for Kids LearningMole
Bees on a honeycomb

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