Phonics Sounds of words for Children – Matching and Sorting

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Phonics Sounds of words for Children – Matching and Sorting.

An educational video to help your child learn the phonetic sounds of the English Alphabet. The video also focuses on letter formation and gives tips on how to write the letters of the English Alphabet. This video focuses on the letter ‘a’. Great fun ways to challenge your child to begin writing their letters using a range of art activities and creative thinking.

What is phonics? Phonics are those sounds created by the different letters in the English alphabet which are differently spelled than when they are alone and taught to the kids as separate letters. There are just some tricky words that do not follow a phonetic pattern and which are taught to the kids separately.

Writing the letters is one of the different steps in learning the English alphabet, it all starts with knowing the letters, spelling them correctly, and writing those letters down. In this video, the lesson is about the letter ‘a’; teaching the child to know what the written letter is, how it sounds, and how it should be written.

Before asking the child to trace the written letters on the piece of paper with the prepared paint, make sure they first tell you what is the letter written in front of them, how they are supposed to spell it correctly, and let them use the “magic finger” to write the letter in the air first to know how they are supposed to trace it down on a piece of paper.

The magic finger is that finger they trace down the letter within the air and it is important because it makes the whole thing of teaching them to write down the letters much easier. Always choose the creative methods and tools which the kids usually love to play with because that’s how they will enjoy the lesson and will learn it correctly.

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Learning the English Alphabet for Kids

Paint is one of the things that kids love to play with since it gives them the chance to show their artistic side, so always accept the suggestions that the kids are offering you because sometimes they make the whole thing look nice which you could then hang on the wall and refer to later.

Phonics – Fun English for Kids

There are different lessons related to phonics and teaching the kids the English alphabet letters and this is the most important thing because kids love to learn through playing some games in order not to feel like they are in a hard lesson at school which they are failing to keep up with.

The techniques followed in teaching the kids to write down the alphabet letters are important because it makes the whole thing much easier, instead of starting to write down the letter in a different way every single time and then end up writing the letter wrongly. So don’t ever underestimate the magic finger and the technique of writing the letter because it are really needed.

Learning English goes through different steps and one of them is related to phonics and how the letters should sound or how they are supposed to be pronounced correctly. This is then followed by the part of writing the letters down in the correct way and managing to remember them without even having something to trace or something to imitate.

One thing parents should always keep in mind is if the kids made a mistake while they are answering a question, it is still considered a good thing because parents will write them and ask them some questions along the way then wait for the answers they are going to give which might not be even expected.

What do you think of this educational video for teaching kids the phonetic sounds? Enjoy watching this video along with your child and let us hear back from you about the effects this video carried on you as a parent and on your child as a student.

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