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A fun video focused on food to help your child learn the letters of the English alphabet. Each letter is associated with a food type to help encourage your child to think about the alphabet.

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Learn the Alphabet – ABC’s in English

What is your favourite way of teaching your kid the English alphabet? There are a couple of ones found out there, the choice will depend on the parents and of course, will finally settle on what the kids like the most and prefer.

Singing the ABC alphabet, reading the letters out loud from a piece of paper or a from the whiteboard, learning the letters from the Lego pieces in their shapes, etc. These are all different methods that parents depend on and some parents even use them all to make sure that the piece of information is surely delivered to the kids.

Learning more about the English language and the English dictionary starts with learning about the alphabet since it is the first step taken when it comes to reading and writing. Learning the letters is something and getting to pronounce them correctly is another, and that is what phonics is all about (What is Phonics).

In the beginning, parents should first choose a couple of letters to start with because going straight forward through the alphabet will be very hard for the kids to keep in mind. So parents should start with the alphabet from A to G for example then from G to P and then from P until Z. This will make the journey easier even though it might take longer time.

There aren’t a lot of games played when it comes to educating the kids about the English alphabet, because it is all about letting them see the letter and know its name and how it should be pronounced out loud, and that’s why there aren’t a lot of games related to such a lesson, not like those with numbers and learning the different mathematical operations (Counting Games).

Help your kids learn Their Alphabet

The most interesting and effective method used with kids when it comes to the English alphabet is when it is delivered to them through a song because songs usually stick to the mind faster and easier and that’s how they manage to remember the ABCs later on when they reach a higher level.

Learn the Alphabet for Kids – Animals ABC’s- Alphabet for Kids – Learn the Alphabet – Kids Alphabet

After moving through the alphabet education initial steps comes another useful method which is teaching the kids to name a word for every single letter that starts with it, it could be general words, it could be the names of animals, it could be fruits or anything the kids prefer, but this is also another thing that would make learning the alphabet a lot easier for the kids to remember.

After the kids manage to name words that start with every single letter in the English alphabet, kids will need then to move forward and learn something new and that is learning to spell these letters correctly when they are placed in words and not just pronounced on their own.

Sing the English alphabet, read out the letters, play along with them, or do whatever will please you when it comes to learning, just make sure that you know the alphabet and know the right order for them, then move forward with knowing how to write these letters down correctly.

Alphabet,Alphabet for Kids LearningMole
The English Alphabet Letters ABCs

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z – that’s the right order for the English alphabet as we all know it and that is how the kids should receive it before moving forward to the next step and learning to imitate these letters and write them down in the same way.

It is interesting to come up with some new ways and methods that would make the kids more excited about learning in general, be it the English alphabet, the numbers, science, or any other field in general, but sometimes some lessons do not work with creativity and could just be delivered through the straight forward ways, such as teaching the kids the English alphabet.

Enjoy watching these videos with your kids and let them get the ways of learning the English alphabet and memorize all the English letters.

Here is all one could know about learning the English letters and knowing how to spell the words correctly, did your kids learn anything from this video? Let us hear your feedback.

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