Lizards Facts for Kids – 5 Incredible Facts about Lizards

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Some lizards have super power like detaching their tails and change their colours! Let’s learn five incredible lizards facts for kids.

Lizards Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Detach Their Tails

Lizards have a really weird way of escaping their predators quickly, can you guess what it is? Lizards are able to detach their tails! This helps by making them lighter and so they can get away quicker, it also distracts the predator! I think it would probably distract me too!

Lizards Facts for Kids

Lizards Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Change Colour

I bet you have heard of chameleons being able to change colour but did you know it’s not just so that they can blend into the background? It can also change based on their temperature and they can use it to communicate with other chameleons as well!

Lizards Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Gecko

Have you ever seen a hair lizard? Probably not because even though the gecko does have loads of hair it’s actually really small and on the bottom of their feet to help them grip the surfaces they are climbing on!

Lizards Facts for Kids
Shallow focus photography of brown gecko

Lizards Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Cold Blooded Animals

Lizards are scaly and cold blooded and the majority of them are brilliant swimmers, but one of them is even better in the water, can you guess how? The green basilisk lizard can actually run on water!

Lizards Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Chameleons

Another fun fact about chameleons is to do with those huge eyes! Chameleons are able to move their eyes separately so they can look in two different directions at one! I think I’d get a bit confused!

Lizards Facts for Kids LearningMole
Macro shot photography of chameleon

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about lizards as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic these animals are, you can move on to learn about other animals like: Mammals, Arachnids and Amphibians.

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