Christmas Facts for Kids – 5 Captivating Facts about Christmas

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What do you like most about Christmas?! I like decorating Christmas tree a lot! Let’s discover five captivating Christmas facts for kids.

Christmas Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Santa Has Nine Reindeer

We all know Rudolph, the red nosed Reindeer but did you know that Santa Clause actually has nine Reindeers? Every Christmas Eve the Reindeers help pull Santa’s Sleigh to deliver all the presents to all the boys and girls all over the world. They are called Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. Rudolph is the only Reindeer to have a red nose. What is your favourite reindeer?

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Santa doll

Christmas Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Christmas Celebrates The Birth of Jesus Christ

Christmas isn’t just about the toys and the delicious food. Christmas is actually a religious holiday for many Christians. Christmas is a Christian holiday that is celebrated every year on the 25th of December, all over the world. Christmas Day celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. The 25th of December was chosen as the day to celebrate Jesus’ birthday by the Roman Catholic Church, years after Jesus’ death. The first time Christmas was celebrated was on the 25th of December, 336 AD. Nobody really knows what date Jesus was born on, so we all celebrate it on the 25th of December each year.

Christmas Facts for Kids
Baby Jesus nativity scene

In the 16th Century, people in Germany would decorate Fir trees, or Christmas trees as they are better known as today. However these trees were not decorated with Christmas lights, baubles and tinsels. These trees were decorated with fruit and nuts and later sweets, paper shapes and candles! Could you imagine putting real candles on your Christmas tree? It is quite dangerous. What do you decorate your Christmas tree with?

Christmas Facts for Kids

Christmas Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: A Baker Invented Christmas Crackers

Tom Smith, a baker from London invented Christmas Crackers. Tom was inspired to create Christmas crackers after a trip to Paris. While in Paris, Tom tried the French sweet ‘bon bon’ which was a sugared almond wrapped in a twist of tissue paper. These were a popular Christmas treat that Smith decided to start making in his own Bakery in London. To make the sweet popular all year round Smith added a love motto inside the wrapper, similar to a Chinese fortune cookie. The bon bon sweets gave Tom an idea to create a cracker with toys in it, and so the Christmas cracker was born.

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Christmas crackers

Christmas Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: It Was Illegal to Celebrate Christmas One Time

Oliver Cromwell, an English politician, banned Christmas in 1647. Cromwell believed that Christmas was a religious day, which meant it should be taken seriously and no parties or celebrations should take place on this day. Instead of Christmas dinner and opening presents, Christmas day was changed to a day of fasting. Fasting means people could not eat on this day. Could you imagine no Christmas dinner on Christmas!! Thankfully this ban was removed in 1660 and we now can enjoy opening presents, spending time with loved ones and eating Christmas dinner.

Christmas Facts for Kids LearningMole
Christmas tree with baubles and string lights

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about Christmas as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic the Chrismas is, you can move on to learn about religions festivals and rituals like: Obon, Day of The Dead, Songkran, Hajj and Diwali.

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