Anne Frank Facts for Kids – 5 Amazing Facts about Anne Frank

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Today, we are going to talk about five amazing Anne Frank facts for kids.

Anne Frank Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Anne Frank Lived in a Secret Annex with her Family

Anne Frank is the most well-known victim of the Holocaust, because her family were Jewish they were persecuted by the Nazis. A political party which was led by Adolf Hitler and first gained control of Germany. To avoid being captured by the Nazis, Anne Frank and her family had to find a way to hide. They lived with four other Jewish people in a secret apartment behind a bookcase. Unfortunately Anne Frank’s family were eventually discovered and Anne Frank died while being kept in a Nazi concentration camp.

Anne Frank Facts for Kids
Assorted books on book shelves

Anne Frank Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Anne Frank Wanted to be a Famous Writer When She Grew Up

The reason we know so much about Anne Frank is because she kept a detailed diary of her life while she was living in the secret annex. Her diary talks a lot about what she wished to do once she was free such as buying nice cosmetics and becoming a journalist and professional writer. Her father, Otto Frank, had her diary published after the war had ended.
Anne Frank’s diary has become one of the most famous diaries in the world and has been read by people all over the world. Her diary has sold over 30 million copies and has been translated into 70 different languages.

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A diary book

Anne Frank Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Anne Frank was Born in Germany

Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, a city in the West of Germany, on the 12th of June 1929. She Celebrated both her 14th and 15th birthday in the secret annex. Anne Frank’s family moved to Amsterdam in the Netherlands to avoid persecution by the Nazi party who had come to power in Germany in 1933. The Frank family were safe in the Netherlands until Germany invaded during World War Two.

Anne Frank Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Anne’s Diary is Written in The Form of Letter

Anne Frank wrote to her diary like she was speaking to a friend, she used her diary to talk about the struggles she faced and the joy she found in everyday life. Her diary is written in letters which are addressed to a girl named Kitty. This imaginary friend was a greats support to Anne during her time staying in the secret annex.

Anne Frank Facts for Kids LearningMole
Anne Frank Facts for Kids: Opened diary with three assorted-color pens

Anne Frank Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: The Secret Annex where Anne Frank Lived is Now a Museum

The secret annex which protected and hid Anne Frank’s family is still in Amsterdam today where Anne lived. If you visit the Netherlands you can visit the Anne Frank Museum which is in the secret annex. While you are there you can hear more of Anne Frank’s diary, see where her and her family lived, and understand what life must have been like for this amazing diarist.

Anne Frank Facts for Kids LearningMole
Anne Frank Facts for Kids: Low angle photo of white museum during golden hour

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about Anne Frank as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this person is, you can move on to learn about other ones like: The Inuit, The Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Celts and Egyptians. Also you can find more about famous people like: Anne Acheson, Frank Pantridge, John Boyd Dunlop, Annie Maunder, James Martin, William Shakespeare, Hatshepsut, Galileo Galilei, Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, T. S. Eliot, George Orwell, Arthur Conan Doyle, Al-Biruni and Alexander Pope.

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