Writing Letter T – interesting Lego Activity

Writing Letter ‘t’ lego activity – Writing in English for Kids

How to write down the letter ‘t’? Learning to write down the English alphabet letters goes through different writing steps that depend on every single letter. When it comes to the letter “t’ then “starting at the top, down with a little kick, lift your pencil and across the middle” is the right method.

Using the magic finger and letting the child trace the letter with this technique in the air is important because it makes the whole process of learning to write down the letter ‘t’ much easier for the child to remember it the next time. Also, the tracing thing is important because it will teach the child to write the letter in the same way every single time instead of starting the whole thing differently and ending up with a different shape.

There are three different steps in teaching the child the letter ‘t’. The first step is asking the child about the name of the letter to know whether they could identify it or not. The second step is asking the child about the phonetic sound that the letter produces. The third step is asking the child to write down the letter to see whether they could do it or else they can’t. These three different steps go with any letter in the English alphabet that the child is learning to write.

In jolly phonics, kids learn the phonetic sound of the letters before they could even write these letters down, but not all the kids follow the same learning techniques and methods. In jolly phonics, the letter ‘t’ resembles a person watching a tennis match and that’s why when the kid is making the phonetic sound of the letter, he/she should be looking right and left, right and left.

The way we are recommending for parents in this educational video for them to help their kids to learn the English alphabet letters and learn how to write down the letter ‘t’ is by using the Lego blocks. All that is needed in this video is the Lego board and the different Lego blocks which the kid will use to write down the letter ‘t’.

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Lego learning

There are lots of different lesson ideas which we have for the parents homeschooling their kids to teach them the different alphabet letters, we have the Lego game, we have the paint game, and we also recommend the Play-Doh game to bring out the fine motor skills of the kids.

The best thing about these different methods related to educating the kids and teaching them to write the English alphabet letters is that they not only teach the kids the alphabet letters, but they also help the child with his/her thinking skills because they will be thinking about how to write down the letter and how to use the different colours and sizes of the Lego blocks that are found out there.

There are lots of lessons related to the English alphabet letters, it could be singing a song, it could be writing the letters down, it could be playing with Lego or Play-Doh, it could be lots of different things and they all end up being exciting for the kids because they challenge them and they love to keep up with these different challenges.

Choose the interesting and exciting games for your child and always challenge them a little bit more in order to see how far they could get and what the different ways they could think through are. It is also important for the parents to help their kids if they found some difficulty in answering a specific question or solving a specific problem.

Learn a new lesson idea to teach your child to write down the letter ‘t’ and let the kids enjoy learning a new lesson related to the English alphabet through playing with the different Lego blocks they own.

Have you found this interesting? come and check other lessons for different other letters: Letter ‘e’, Letter ‘n’ and Letter ‘s’.

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