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We hope you are well, young adventurer! Learning Mole has some news for you about lifestyles! Life is full of many things to do, and multi-tasking is quite a challenging task to master. Yet, we must do that Math homework and study for that Geography exam simultaneously. Maybe there is a project to be submitted or a deadline coming up.

All of these things can leave us quite stressed. Especially if we still need to plan out, be ready for a plan B, or wait to follow a specific lifestyle. Lifestyles can be a significant issue. Having a lifestyle is different from having a daily routine. Routines follow a steady rhythm of steps, but lifestyles push you to improvise within the frame of what you love.

Lifestyles are not permanent. They are prone to change whenever you make the call; to choose to eat that pizza over that apple or vice versa. 

So, Learning Mole has compiled a list of 14 lifestyles to introduce. You can observe others and determine who is following which lifestyle, which may help you decide which fits you best now or when you grow up.

Adrenaline Seeker Lifestyle

Sensation-seeking is the tendency to look for new feelings, sensations, and experiences. People who pursue such a lifestyle are willing to take risks and are eager to try new things. They enjoy the excitement and newness of trying something different.

They are always looking for new things to do and have a high need to be excited all the time. This could just be an odd thing about them sometimes. They are people who want to do dangerous things and are often very creative and like to make their own decisions.

Suppose you regularly do dangerous or unhealthy things just for short-term mental stimulation. In that case, you get from them that this is a vital sign that you may be addicted to adrenaline.

Neurochemicals like dopamine and testosterone, as well as the amount of white matter in the brain, seem to affect whether or not a person is more careful or willing to take risks. Personal and psychological factors also come into play. 

Close Knit

A group of friends, a close-knit family, a community, or even a society. These groups that seem to be insular are actually helping each other. It’s a close-knit community because of this. People in a close-knit group know each other well, do things together, and care about each other. Close-knit is a great way to describe a group of people who get along well with each other. 

Just like Moana, for example! Or, as Lilo said in Lilo & Stitch: “Ohana.” Ohana is a Hawaiian term. It means family. No one is left alone or abandoned in such a community. Just like the knights of the round table once said! One for all and all for one!


Are people always telling you to calm down? Does everybody seem tired all the time? Do you ever wonder if I am the only one feeling excited about this? Well, maybe the answer is yes to all of the previous because you are simply energetic! 

People born energetic tend to ask those questions nearly all the time. Still, others just tweak their lifestyle to be active, and their bodies adapt to such a lifestyle because of consistency. 

Here are a few signs that you are an energetic person!

Did you sleep well?

For an energetic person, that is not even a question! Active people sleep well because they need that energy the next day.

Mini breaks!

Feeling tired? Nah, just needs a break. That is simply the mindset of an energetic person. They will never admit that they are tired. They just need a simple vacation, which is probably why they take many daily breaks and never feel tired. 

What did you eat?

Energetic people eat well to sustain stable energy for their bodies to keep going with their energy levels. 

One hour at the gym, nonsense! They spent 3!

Energetic people exercise regularly to keep their bodies in shape, allowing them the freedom to act as energetically as they want.

Frequent Traveler

A frequent traveller literally travels all the time. They are always prepared to carry their pack back. No wonder they have that band-aid and vegetable juice.

Health Food Nut

Dieting is no longer to lose weight for those people. They are the legendary healthy idealists we hear tales about. Those people are miraculously adequate in handling their own diets. 

They LOVE to eat healthy food. You name it broccoli? They LOVE it! If it’s green, it’s good! Some people even consider themselves nuts about healthy food because they are obsessed with it. 

If you ever find someone like that, make sure you have them as friends because they will surely come in handy when you start dieting. You will be spamming them nonstop, and they will love it if it is for health reasons!

Junk Food Fiend

Opposing the previous, those junk food lovers are junk food consumers. Dieting is not their strongest suit. They strive for junk food. They enjoy an excellent juicy junk meal ordered. They know every new restaurant in town. 

Their phone call history is all deliveries. Some restaurants are specialised appetisers, others are soup oriented, some are desserts driven, and others are sushi! 


You enjoy spending time at home. You don’t value going out as much. Hanging with friends means going to each other’s houses for you.

Going out and playing on the field differs from what you have in mind when you want to have fun. Exercising can be done at home as well. Cooking or even a change of pace can be carried out at home. 


People who like the outdoors like to hike, climb mountains, ski, and do other sports that can’t be done inside. People who always seem out in the fresh air, incredibly healthy, active, and windblown, are said to be outdoorsy.

You always want to be outside. You don’t like the idea of being stuck at work or stuck in bed.

People Person

You are the butterfly of your class. In other words, you are a social butterfly. You enjoy being surrounded by people, and making new relations or friendships is a piece of cake for you. Some of those leading this lifestyle may be extroverts who find their own elemental power within their groups.

When we say groups, we mean it. A people person is always surrounded by people and can never have too many friends. 


Remember the energetic person? The sedentary lifestyle is the exact opposite. They are inactive people. They are the coach potato. They either rarely exercise or never exercise, in fact. You find those people, most of the time, either on their computers, playing video games, or watching the TV. In some cases, it may even be considered a disease. 


You spend too much time on your tech.

You depend on technology so much that you get sick if you don’t use it for even one day. You can’t take your eyes off your phone or other electronic devices. You’re always looking at it to see if you have messages, emails, or other things. You want to know about the latest technological developments.

You need more information about technology.

Even if you don’t often check your phone or email, you are interested in how technology is changing our lives. You can find out what high-tech executives are saying and what new technologies are coming out by reading tech blogs, books, newsletters, and newspapers and listening to TV shows, radio programmes, podcasts, seminars, and audiobooks.

You already work in or want to work in a technological field.

You might be a software engineer, web designer, or computer programmer. You probably have a lot of gadgets and equipment and are very interested in how technology is improving. You may even want to work in a technological field. You have what it takes to be a typical computer nerd.

Your vocabulary is very specialised and mostly made up of technical terms.

You may even use most of them in your work, studies, or tech-related reading and study. Even if you don’t know a lot of tech jargon, phrases like “embedding,” “retina display,” “HTML,” “CSS,” “Bugs,” and “Big Data” probably get you excited.

You would instead use your tech gadgets than do anything else.

We’re not saying you’re a hermit because you like to hang out with your gadgets. We understand! You might have just bought the newest and best technology and can’t wait to get your hands on it and figure out how to use it. If you’re trying to figure out how to use the product, you may want to do so without interruption. It is a very high-tech indicator.


Precisely opposite to the above. You fear technology. You don’t use a timer to turn the thermostat up or down. Instead, you do it yourself. You have a laptop, a paper calculator, and a potted plant on a table. Still, you threw away the instructions and need help remembering the most basic controls. Every time someone showed you a new “trick” or change, you were amazed.


So you can get more done, you think about how you could do less. You end up spending much more time at work than you had planned. You do what you can to get rid of negative feelings. People have told you to cut back on your work, but you’ve ignored their advice. If you can’t work, your stress level goes up. You no longer put your interests, hobbies, and/or physical fitness first because of work. The amount of work you do has hurt your health. Hello, my friend. You’re a workaholic.

The Balance

It might seem that anything you do will categorise you under a specific lifestyle. Still, in truth, it is all about balance. You can stay home and spend time outside without being labelled as an indoorsy or an outdoorsy. It is how you balance your lifestyle based on your goals. Too much of one thing will label your lifestyle, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a lifestyle or not having one. 

This balance talk indeed brings back memories of Avatar: The Last Air Bender! It is an animation worth checking out while you are at it. It is about a boy who has all the four elements of nature: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire and becomes the Avatar who saves the world from the tyrant Fire Lord. 

You never know. Maybe your Fire Lord is your homework, young Avatar. So balance your elements and lifestyle. Eat healthily, and work hard but do not overwork yourself. Be mindful of what you eat. Be mindful of your life choices because they determine your lifestyle, and if does not align with your goals, then you are the only one who can change it. 


In the end, lifestyles are an essential part of describing what life is like. It’s another way to talk about life, but not all of it. A “lifestyle” is a set of interests we eventually follow daily, becoming our “lifestyle.”

No way of life is best, pleasant, or wrong. People live different lives, and how they live affects what happens to them in the long run. If you want that to happen, you should live that way. Each way of life has its own benefits and quirks. Even though you lose something, you still get something out of it.

So, please write down your goals and make sure they are clear. Then, build your life around them to create a way of living that fits your plans and helps you reach your goals. 

  • For example, do you want to be healthy? Lead a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Do you want to work all the time? Go ahead and be a workaholic. 
  • Are you introverted, and do you like to stay home? Indoorsy or close-knit or BOTH! 

You choose what is perfect for you! Define, learn, observe, and choose! Then, bear the consequences of your choices, whether perks or quirks. 

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