The Greek Gods – 5 Fun Facts about the Greek Gods

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Greek Mythology was the belief system of the people who lived in Ancient Greece, today we are going to learn more about the greek gods.

Fact Number One: The Greek God Athena created olive trees

Athena was the god of wisdom and she was associated with owls. Athena is the reason we consider owls to be wise animals. The myth of Athena says she struck the earth with her spear and caused the first olive tree to grow. She gave it as a gift to the Greeks telling them the wood could build them strong houses and be burned to create heat in the winter. The fruit of the trees, olives, were also enjoyable and the oil from olives were useful for cooking.

The Greeks loved Athena’s gift and named their city after her. Athens, the capital city of Greece, is still named after her today.

greek gods athena gave the people olives
Olive Trees are grown in groves in Greece

Fact Number Two: The God Apollo once took the form of a dolphin

One of the greek gods was Apollo who was the god of music and light. It was believed that Apollo created the role of oracle at Delphi. The Oracle at Delphi was a person who would answer important questions about the future through talking to the god Apollo. But how did Apollo get someone for this role?

The myth says that Apollo turned himself into a dolphin and took charge of a ship, driving it to the dock at Delphi. There the crew were made to work as the Oracle at Delphi. The place, Delphi, is named after dolphins.

Fact Number Three: Zeus’ bad moods created bad weather

Zeus was the king of the greek gods and the god of thunder. It was believed that if Zeus was in a bad mood the weather would become stormy. He would also throw lightning bolts at people who angered him!

These thunderbolts were said to be made by the cyclops, a one eyed monster and friend of the greek gods.

Fact Number Four: The word Panic comes from the Greek god Pan

Pan was the god of harmony and wild nature. He was known for causing fun and joy but he was also apparently very scary at times. Pan’s voice was scary enough to scare away the enemies of the greek gods, which was very helpful sometimes. Pan sometimes even caused humans to run from him in fear as they panicked.

This is how we got the word panic, from his name, Pan.

Fact Number Five: The Greeks would throw parties to celebrate the greek gods

The Greeks would throw massive festivals to celebrate and praise the greek gods. These celebrations would start with a parade to the temple where they would make offerings to the gods.  Then they would play music and have a delicious feast of nice foods.

The Olympics started as one of these festivals. The first ever Olympics was a sporting competition created in honour of Zeus, the king of the greek gods. Athletes would promise to follow the rules in an oath given in front of a statue of Zeus and gifts were offered to Zeus during the festival.

The Olympic torch which is lit at the start of each Olympic games even now is a tribute to Hera, the wife of Zeus. The Olympic torch is lit from the enternal flame in Greece which never goes out.

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