Phonics for Kids: 2 Interesting Matching Games

Phonics Matching Games

A fun educational video featuring phonics for kids. You can depend on an easy matching game. Use resources and toys from around the house. This helps your child recognise and develop their initial phonic sounds. Help your child practice their phonics with this simple easy to follow video. Great as homework help or homeschooling resource.

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Letter Matching Game

This is an easy game to prepare. You can have large cardboard with the alphabet printed on it in large letters. You bring separate letter magnets of the same size as the print letters. 

Ask the kids to match their letter magnet to the letters on the chart. You can also ask the kids to say the name of the letter and the sound of it while matching them.

Alphabet Match | Learning 4 Kids
Letter Matching Game

A New Alphabet Box Each Week

You usually introduce a new letter each week to kids in preschools. You introduce the letter, the sound and the formation. As well, you relate the letter to a theme. For example, you find animals that start with this letter. 

You can use the weekly theme to create an alphabet box for kids to use. You put some objects inside the books that begin with this letter. For example, If it is the week for the letter “T”, you can put a toothpaste, tape, a tomato and toast. 

Each kid picks one object, says its name, the letter it begins with and the sound of this letter. This can be a fun way to have your kids get interested in the week ahead, and work together to think of an answer.

Letter 'T' Alphabet Box & Train Coloring Book! | Teaching Mama
Alphabet Box

Relate to Other Topics

Repeating a letter over and over again can make the kids feel bored. So, you can mix it up a little by talking about related lessons. You can introduce the week’s letter as your core subject. Then, during the day you can introduce other topics. 

For example, if you are on the letter “C,” you can learn about the weather “Cold” too.  The word cold begins with the letter C.  You can ask the kids about the weather in winter. You can relate to the seasons of the year and the weather as well.

Why are Alphabets Important for Kids to Learn? Here's the Reason You should  Not Miss
Alphabet Related Topic

Simple Flashcards with Simple Pictures

When you introduce a new alphabet letter to the kids, one of the easiest ways is flashcards. It is important to use simple pictures with flashcards. You need to avoid any confusing pictures. For example, if you talk about the letter “E”, you need to use pictures that start with this letter.

Flashcards help the kid memorize the letters. They also help the kids relate the letter and the sound to other objects. Kids can recognize more vocabulary words as well.

Simple Flashcards with Simple Pictures
Simple Flashcards with Simple Pictures

Eat Foods Shaped Like Letters 

You can think out of the box, and prepare for a baking session. Kids always love baking. They can use letter-shaped cookie cutters to bake yummy biscuits. It is a great way to introduce or even revise the alphabet letters. 

After baking, Kids can pick up the biscuits, and identify the letter. They can say the name of the letter and the sound as well. Then, they are happy to eat it.

Letter biscuit stock photo. Image of market, sweet, biscuits - 39708394
Letter Shaped Biscuits

Alphabet Puzzles

You can use alphabet puzzles to teach kids the alphabet. It is an amazing way of teaching the alphabet. You can use a high-quality wooden puzzle with neat pictures. It helps the kids identify the alphabet letters and words as well.

Alphabet Puzzles Wooden Puzzle Alphabet Art Puzzle | Radar Toys
Alphabet Puzzle

Flour Writing Tray

You can use the flour to learn kids how to write the alphabet letters. It is an amazing tool to improve kids’ motor skills as well. You can use the magic finger technique first. Show the kids the letter formation using your finger. Draw the letter on the air. Ask the kids to do the same. Then, the kids can write the letter in the flour tray using the same finger.

Learning to Write - how we montessori
Alphabet Flour Tray
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