Nursery Rhymes for Kids, Toddlers and Preschool

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Fun collection of Nursery Rhymes for Toddlers. Learn English through these nursery rhymes for kids.

There are lots of benefits to the different nursery rhymes that kids are taught in the nursery and at home by their parents. Different rhymes and kids’ songs are famously known among parents, teachers and the kids; these are usually the ones most depended on.

One of these different nursery rhymes is known as “The Old Mother Hubbard”, which says:

“Old mother Hubbard,

Went to the cupboard.

To give the poor dog a bone.

But when she got there,

The cupboard was bare.

And so the poor dog had none”

This is one of the famous nursery rhymes for kids, but there are lots of other ones to be added to the list, such as “Mary Had a Little Lamb” (Nursery Rhymes for Kids), “Hush Little Baby” (Nursery Rhymes for Babies and Toddlers), “This Little Piggy” (Nursery Rhymes for Toddlers), “Two Little Dickie Birds” (Nursery Rhymes for Kids), “Five Fat Sausages” (Counting Songs and Rhymes for Kids), “Five Little Monkeys” (Counting Rhymes for Children) and lots of other songs that are found in the world of kids.

There are different benefits recognized for those rhymes and rhythms when it comes to children in addition to making them energized and filling their time with something that would make them excited. Rhymes and Rhythms for kids help them to listen carefully to the sounds and be able to manage how the letters and words should be pronounced and how they are supposed to sound like, which will eventually give them the chance to read later on in their lives as well.

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Kids Nursery Rhymes – Old Mother Hubbard

There are still other important benefits for these kids’ songs that are used in nurseries, such as giving the kid the chance to get involved in social life and be part of a group and eventually manage to communicate and deal with other people. This might not be an offered benefit for using these songs at home because it will only involve the kid, but parents could take part in the whole plan as well.

There are some important things which parents and teachers should pay great attention to when it comes to choosing the songs for their kids. These things – or tips – include making sure that the meanings of the songs are not aggressive and are happy ones, they should also make sure that these songs are delivering positive meanings to the kids, and parents and teachers should focus on the rhythm of the song itself because sometimes it might be putting off the kids.

Kids always find these nursery rhymes interesting and parents will easily see the happiness through their eyes and through the way they are dancing along with them. There are different kids’ songs found out there which parents could depend on and see whether their kids find them interesting or not, here are two songs as examples (Different Nursery Rhymes……).

Sometimes these different rhymes and songs are used for educational purposes, parents and teachers could depend on them to deliver a specific lesson to the kid through an interesting song which they will fall in love with, it could be related to teaching the kids to count correctly, it could be for teaching them the ABC alphabet, and it could be even related to other general information lessons that are found out there.

There are lots of interesting lessons for kids that could be delivered through lots of interesting methods and techniques, and using these nursery rhymes and kids’ songs is one of the most exciting methods that the kids will fall in love with so easily and without finding it boring – that’s of course depends on the choice of the song after all because there are those which the kids don’t like to listen to and will always ask you to change them.

How did your kids find the “Old Mother Hubbard”? Did they like it? Let them sing along with us one more time!

Enjoy watching this video related to the kids’ nursery rhymes that are known out there, let the kids sing along with the song, and let us eventually know how much they loved it and let us hear about your feedback in the near future.

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