Multiplication for Kids 1- How to Multiply- KS1

Multiplication for Kids-How to multiply -Lifelong Learning-Primary Education-Skip Counting- Multiply

Story problems is one good way to educate your child, not just because of letting them think, translate the words into numbers and start solving the whole equation, but because along the way it gives parents the chance to build discussions with their kids.

This educational video is a mixture of educating kids how to multiply and at the same time teaching them to handle story problems and translate the words into numbers in order to eventually know what is the mathematical operation that they are supposed to do to get the final answer.

Multiplication might not be the easiest mathematical operation for the kids to handle and solve but once they get to know the times tables, it becomes a little bit easier for them, and not just that, but there are different multiplication methods used with the kids to make it easier for them, just as the basic multiplication method which is about the table grid.

In this educational video, Michelle is teaching the kids to always read carefully the story unfolded in front of them, use a pen to highlight the important numbers that will be of any use in the equation they will end up solving and eventually search for any mathematical vocabulary that will tell them what they are supposed to.

Taking five grapes in her lunch box every day is the first thing to stop at with the kids and ask them; Is this referring to the normal week or just the school week? because this will differ from five days to seven days. A lot of kids will think that adding 5 + 5 + 5 +5 +5 will be the easiest way for them to get the answer although this will mean double adding and double adding in maths is the same as multiplication and thus multiplying the number will be much easier for them.

It is important to build discussions with your kids in order to know how much they understand the story problem laid in front of them and at the same time try to reach into their minds and see what is going on there.

To complete the process of teaching kids multiplication after this story problem method, you could let them build the numbers using the Lego pieces in the form of numbers, this way they will know how to write down a mathematical equation and at the same time write the final answer they have reached. There are different games played with Lego pieces that you could try with the kids when it comes to math and multiplication is one of them.

Multiplication LearningMole
Multiplication for Kids – How to Multiply

Do your kids know how to multiply? There are a couple of ways which you could use to teach your kids to multiply; there are the times tables which they are supposed to learn at school and which you could help them with while homeschooling them, there are also those basic methods such as the grid method, there is the method of times tables aerobics which is a mix between doing aerobics moves and teaching kids the times tables. There are lots of other games that might be about guessing the numbers first, giving the answers first, etc. and these will always challenge the kids so that they could be the first ones to answer.

Homeschooling is always effective because parents will help in the learning phase process of the kids, They will be helping the school at home and that is why they should be always creative in the methods and ideas they come up with when it comes to teaching kids math and getting them closer to the world of numbers.

Interesting Multiplication games

Mental math games are numerous, some related to Multiplication, some related to subtraction and many other math Games that help your child to explore the key concepts of numbers.

Education could get creative to a great extent and this would be about all the ways and methods used in teaching the kids. Always be creative, motivate the kids while you are teaching them by playing along and also trick them with the questions you tend to ask to test their knowledge and answers and know whether they are giving the right answers or just playing around.

Easy-to-follow activities will support you and your child to learn and practice new concepts as well as enjoy spending time together. Help your child to progress and explore and most importantly – have fun!

There are lots of Multiplication methods and games, just come over and you will find them all.

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