How is Paper Recycled? – 2 Delightful Recycling Questions for Kids

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What is recycling and why is it important?

Maybe that’s the first question kids will ask when they are faced with this topic before they bring themselves to the more detailed information related to how is recycling done.

How is Paper Recycled LearningMole
Colorful recycle bins with recycle symbol isolated on color background illustration

Waste is usually divided into different categories to be sorted out for the recycling phase; paper, plastic, glass and aluminum and every single type goes through a different recycling process to bring it back into a new product.

How is paper recycled?

How is Paper Recycled LearningMole

Wasted paper goes through different steps in the process of recycling to come back to new paper that is clean in rolls and ready to be cut and sent back to the shops.

How is paper recycled?

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