How do Bones work?


At a certain age, the kids start to ask lots of questions about the world they are living in and this include their bodies and the organs they have inside. Why do we have bones in our bodies and how do they work? There are lots of skeleton facts for the kids that we would like to share. Do you want to know what the bones are responsible for or what they are made of? Let us take you through this journey. Think about it, will your body stand straight in the same posture it would without having those strong bones inside? Most probably no, it will appear like a piece of jelly and you will not be able to stand and walk around. Aaron was exploring the world of bones since he was watching Scooby-Doo and saw this skeleton which appeared on the screen in front of him. He started asking himself questions like why do we have bones in our bodies and then he made his research and came up with some good answers.