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Spelling, Phonics and English Games for Kids – Roll and Spell – LearningMole

Spelling games are a great way to help your children learn to spell those tricky words. By allowing spelling practice and teaching spelling strategies, your children will begin to attempt to spell more words with confidence. Sometimes children just need some spelling help and this spelling activity can do that – it takes the emphasis of the difficulty of spelling and instead allows the child to focus on having some fun!

If your child is learning English, you will know that English spelling can be tricky as all words in the English language are not phonetic, so by giving your child English spelling games or spelling bee games, they can begin their spelling word practice in a more fun and interactive way.

The main idea behind this alphabet game is to teach the child to learn writing letters in several ways but in different orders given. This game requires a dice, a piece of paper with instructions for every number the kid will get on the dice, and eventually the empty piece of paper on which the kid will write the word.

Spelling,Spelling Games LearningMole

Every single time the kid will throw the dice, he/she will be asked to perform the task given for this number, it could be to write the word with a specific hand, it could be writing the word upside down, it could be writing it with different colours, etc. this will depend on the creativity of the parent and the orders they are giving.

To make sure that the kids are practising it all, you should remove the word they are supposed to work on and write it down after their second trial, this will give them the chance to remember how it should be written and will help them to practice the whole thing. To make sure that the kids are not cheating, remove the paper totally or else fold it over so that they find it hard to see what is written on the other side.

There are still other creative games that parents could depend on and try with their kids. One of them is the XO game but instead of filling those boxes with X’s and O’s, the parent will assign a word for the kid to write in the boxes and will then choose one for himself/herself. This is one good practice for the kids to depend on and manage to write down the letters, read the words, and recognize these words later on

Spelling, Phonics and English Games for Kids

Spelling worksheets or spelling resources like this are so easy to make and can be as challenging or as easy as you like – you can begin with ABC spelling and develop the words for kids as they become more confident.

It all starts with learning the ABC alphabet and this we all know could happen through singing it in a song or writing it down to the kids, then it comes to the part of teaching the kids these letters and how to write them down, and eventually it all comes to this part of pronouncing the letters correctly and knowing that this will also differ when it comes within a word, which is phonics (Phonics for Kids)

Spelling and writing games for kids are all important, they give the kids the chance to play while at the same time learn something new to them, which is exactly what will keep them excited and will also make them the ones asking for the whole thing to be repeated and the game to be played once again

Always give the child the freedom to do whatever they want as long as they are responding to the needs of the game and at the same time make them the ones leading it because that’s when they will love repetition and will ask you to play with them more than once.

This is one of the different techniques used with kids when it comes to spelling and writing games which they could play and depend on, but there are lots of others which they could try out as well!

Enjoy watching these videos about the spelling and the writing games and let us hear your feedback about how much it worked out with your child.

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