Egyptians Facts for Kids – 5 Exciting Facts about The Egyptians

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Why did Pharaohs build the pyramids?! Let’s discover five exciting Egyptians facts for kids.

Egyptians Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: The Egyptians Invented The First ever Type of Paper!

The Egyptians made paper from the stem of a plant that grew by the river Nile called Papyrus. They cut the plant into strips and hammered them together to make sheets of paper.

They Egyptians would write in a language called hieroglyphics. They were one of the first civilizations to read and write. We can learn lots about them from their writing because some of the papyrus still exists in museums today.

Egyptians Facts for Kids
Papyrus paper inside a frame

Egyptians Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: The Egyptians Used Honey to Help Sore Throats

If you’ve ever had a sore throat your parents may have made you some tea with honey to help soothe your throat. The Egyptians were the first to use honey to soothe a sore throat. And it really works! But the Egyptians would mix the honey with beans, onions, and cumin to treat their sore throat. That probably didn’t taste very nice.

Egyptians Facts for Kids LearningMole
Honey in a white bowl

Egyptians Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Egyptian Pharaohs Used Their Buildings to Tell The Story of Their Reign

The pharaohs were the kings and queens of Ancient Egypt. They were supposed to represent the gods on earth and ruled over all of Egypt. The pharaohs had a responsibility to make offerings to the gods and to build new buildings and temples.

The pharaohs built massive pyramids and temples to show their power as the ruler of Egypt. They carved all the walls of these buildings with stories about their time as pharaoh and all the great things they had done. They did this so that people would remember them as a great pharaoh.

Egyptians Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: The Egyptians Loved Board Games

Do you like board games? Well, the Egyptians loved them! It is believed that the Egyptians created the first ever board game. It was called Senet, and not only was it fun, the Egyptians believed that the game would tell them about their future.

Senet was created in 3100 BC, that is over 5000 years ago!

Egyptians Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: The Egyptians Loved Cats!

The Egyptians has house pets such as dogs and cats. They liked cats best and believed that they carried the spirits of the gods in their body.

The Egyptians believed that having a cat in your household would bring good luck. So, if you have a pet cat, make sure to give them an extra treat.

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about the Egyptians as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this historical culture is, you can move on to learn about ancient era like: Ancient Egyptian Burial, Ancient Egyptian Slaves and Egyptian Gods.

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