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A great dinosaur video for kids. Find out about the different dinosaurs and their names. Perfect for children working on a dinosaur project or who have dinosaur questions.

Video includes:
Dinosaur Facts for kids
Dinosaur Types/Types of Dinosaurs
T Rex Dinosaur
Dinosaur Bones
Video Transcript:
Do you want to learn about dinosaurs? then this is the video for you!

What are dinosaurs?
Dinosaurs were reptiles that walked the Earth for 165 Million years during a time called the Mesozoic era. They died out more than 63 million years before the first humans appeared.

What is a fossil?
When a dinosaur died, the hard parts of its body, like teeth and bones were often buried in the mud. Over time, these turned into stone and became fossils. Fossils are the remains of dead plants or animals. Fossils found in the earth or rocks show us what the dinosaurs may have looked like, how they may have lived and what Earth was like when they were alive.

What was the biggest dinosaur?
The biggest known sauropod was Amphicoelias. It was about 50 metres long and weighed 100 tonnes – the same as 12 elephants.

Which Dinosaur had the longest neck?
Mamenchisauris had a neck 13 metres long with 19 neck bones. Mamenchisaurus would have reached as high as a four – story house.

What was the smallest dinosaur?
Anchiornis was a small feathered dinosaur. It was only 35-40 centimetres long – smaller than a chicken.

What was the fastest dinosaur?
The fastest dinosaurs were probably Gallimimus and Ornithomimus. They could run at about 69 kilometres per hour – as fast as an ostrich!

Which dinosaur was the best hunter?
Tyrannosaurus Rex had the most powerful bite. Its jaws could be up to 1.2m long.

What was the biggest Meat-Eater?
The spinosaurus could be up to 18m long and weigh as much as 20 tonnes. Its head shape is similiar to modern crocodiles. The dinosaur lived and hunted in water and on land.

Which dinosaur had the biggest head?
Pentaceratops had the largest dinosaur head. Its skull was up to 3 metres long, but it had a very small brain.

What is a carnivore?
A carnivore is a meat eating dinosaur like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. They had strong, sharp teeth and deadly claws. Good eyesight and a powerful sense of smell helped them to hunt.

What is a herbivore?
Most dinosaurs were plant-eaters called herbivores. Some herbivores had blunt teeth for stripping leaves and twigs from trees that they often swallowed whole. Herbivores ate a lot so they had very big tummies. They walked on all fours as they needed the support of 4 legs. Some plants that dinosaurs ate including ginkgo, ferns and conifers are still found today.

What is a pterosaur?
Flying animals called pterosaurs lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Pterosaurs had furry bodies and long, pointed jaws for catching prey. They may have eaten insects, fish and even small dinosaurs. Pterosaurs had wings and could fly.On land, they probably walked on all fours, using the fingers on the ends of their wings to help them grip the ground.

Did dinosaurs lay eggs?
Yes, dinosaurs laid eggs, just like reptiles and birds do today. Rather than looking after their babies most dinosaurs laid their eggs and the left them. Dinosaur eggs were different shapes and sizes. A sauropod egg was round like a football, while an Oviraptor egg was shaped more like a potato.

Where did the dinosaurs go?
Nobody really knows why the dinosaurs disappeared, but scientists are trying to find out. Some think it was because a huge meteorite hit the earth, causing the dinosaurs to suddenly die out.
Another idea is that huge volcanoes erupted, sending up clouds of dust which hid the sun so dinosaurs died of the cold.