Bones Facts for Kids – 5 Brilliant Facts about Bones

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Have you ever heard about bones remodeling?! Let’s discover five brilliant bones facts for kids.

Bones Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: The Skeletal System

Our bones make up the skeletal system and protect our organs, help us move, and store calcium. Bones are made up of living tissue and are composed of minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, and collagen, a protein that gives bones their flexibility. Our bones are constantly being remodeled, with old bone being removed and new bone being formed.

Bones Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Two Main Types of Bones

The adult human body has 206 bones, which are divided into two main types: long bones and short bones. Long bones, such as the femur, help us stand and move, and short bones, such as the carpals in the wrist, provide stability and support. The bones are also categorized into different groups, such as axial and appendicular skeleton.

Bones Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Bone Growth

Bones are constantly growing and changing, even when we are adults. During childhood and adolescence, bones grow in size and density, and this process is called bone growth. In adulthood, bone remodeling occurs, where old bone is removed and replaced with new bone. This process helps to repair and maintain the strength of the bones. Strong bones depend on proper nutrition, exercise, and a lack of smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. A diet rich in calcium, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients is crucial for maintaining healthy bones.

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Glass of milk as an example of a diet rich in calcium

Bones Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Bones Have Different Parts

Bones have different parts that serve different functions. The hard outer layer of the bone is called the cortex, and it’s composed mostly of mineral. The inner portion of the bone is called the medulla, it’s composed mostly of a spongy tissue called trabecular bone and is less dense than the cortex. The end of the bones are called epiphysis, and the thin layer that surrounds the bone is called the periosteum. The point where two bones meet to form a joint is called the articulation.

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Hand X-ray

Bones Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Broken Bones

When bones break it’s called a fracture and it can be treated by a doctor, usually with a cast or surgery. Depending on the type and location of the fracture, treatment may vary. For instance, a simple fracture can be treated with a cast, while a more complex fracture may require surgery to realign the broken bones and ensure proper healing. Physical therapy may also be needed to help the patient regain strength and mobility after the treatment.

Bones Facts for Kids

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about bones as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this component in human body is, you can move on to learn about other ones and our human body like: Nose, Skin and Liver.

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