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Ulster-Scots Innovators

Introducing our Ulster-Scots Stories, Histories, Heroes video series for kids. Connecting history to STEM, embark on a remarkable journey through the astonishing stories of five extraordinary innovators: Annie Maunder, John Dunlop, Frank Pantridge, Anne Acheson, and James Martin. Marvel at their groundbreaking achievements in solar astronomy, medical breakthroughs, life-saving emergency medicine, revolutionary tyre technology, and pioneering aviation safety. These exhilarating tales of determination, creativity, and passion will ignite curiosity and inspire young minds to explore the astounding contributions of these Ulster-Scots trailblazers in STEM fields.

James Martin

A dedicated engineer whose invention of the aircraft ejector seat revolutionised aviation safety, saving the lives of countless pilots.

James Martin Interactive Version

Anne Acheson

A trailblazing sculptor-turned-inventor whose revolutionary plaster cast design improved the treatment of fractures.

Anne Acheson Interactive Version

Annie Maunder

A pioneering solar astronomer whose resilience and passion expanded our understanding of the Sun's mysteries.

Annie Maunder Interactive Version

John Boyd Dunlop

The innovative mind behind the first practical pneumatic tyre, transforming transportation and shaping the modern automotive industry.

John Boyd Dunlop Interactive Version

Frank Pantridge

The visionary cardiologist who saved countless lives by inventing the portable defibrillator, forever changing emergency medicine.

Frank Pantridge Interactive Version