Learn the Alphabet for Kids – Animals ABCs

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Learn the Alphabet for Kids – Animals ABC’s

Learning the English alphabet could happen in lots of different ways and one of the most famous is the one related to animals and mentioning them with every single letter they get introduced to.

It could happen through singing songs, it could happen through naming different animals and names of other objects, and it could happen ordinarily. In this educational video, the used method is teaching the kids the English alphabet by mentioning the names of some animals.

Let us recall some of the names related to the ABC alphabet that we have brought in this video:

A for Alligator

B for Butterfly

C for Cat

Alphabet LearningMole
Learn the Alphabet – Kids Alphabet

D for Duck

E for Elephant

F for Fish

G for Giraffe

H for Horse

I for Iguana

J for Jaguar

K for Kangaroo

L for Lion

M for Monkey

N for Nurse shark

O for Ostrich

P for Pig

Q for Queen Bee

R for Rhinoceros

S for Sheep

T for Tiger

U for Unicorn

V for Vulture

W for Walrus

X for Fox

Y for Yak

Z for Zebra

There are lots of other animals of course which the kids could name for every single letter in the English alphabet other than those which we have suggested in this video, we were just giving a helping hand and a hint for the kids, so they could follow the same rules.

It is always effective to educate the kids in general and inform them about the whole alphabet in the right order, but it is always considered much better to take it in slow steps and educate them slowly before going deeper into the whole lesson. Teaching the kids the English alphabet starts with just educating them about the letters then teaching them how they are supposed to be pronounced when coming as part of words, which is the reason why we choose a word for every single letter out there, and this is what phonics is all about.

This is one of the interesting lessons which we love to teach the kids because parents and teachers will not be only educating them with the letters, but they will eventually come to the part related to phonics as well as the part related to getting the kids introduced to general words from the English dictionary – so it all turns out to be something that is not just about the English ABC’s.

Teaching the kids to write down the letters is the step that comes after educating them about the letters in general and giving them the chance to memorize them. There are lots of ways that one could teach the kids to write down the letters.

If you want to make the whole lesson more interesting since it is a game, you could teach the kids to learn the letters by writing them down with their Play-Doh or else bringing them those letters as part of the Lego pieces which they could use to write words on the sticky whiteboard.

Have fun and learn the Alphabet

There are actually lots of ways and techniques and even using the game method will always make the whole thing much more interesting.

There are lots of ways and methods used with the kids to teach them anything, be it the alphabet or any other lesson, but always make sure that the one method you eventually choose is the one that they will find interesting and will at the same time learn something from and not just one lesson which they are not excited about.

One last thing to mention when it comes to teaching the kids more about the English alphabet is through the nursery rhymes and kids songs which they could sing along with and thus make it easier for them to memorize the alphabet and remember it later on. Those rhymes and songs are also used with teaching the kids the numbers and it could be used for the general benefits which could be gained through them (The Three Little Pigs…).

Enjoy watching this video along with your kids and give them the chance to learn the alphabet along with some animal names, and we will be waiting for your feedback about how effective it turned out to be!

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