Recycling for Kids- Why is Recycling Important. The Facts


What can you recycle? Waste and trash is sorted out after being thrown away into different categories; paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, food and general waste and actually more than 60 percent of this waste could be recycled and used once again. Every process of recycling related to any of these different types is done in a different kind of way and every type could produce a percentage of energy different than the other, but they all end up with some benefits that call out for the whole recycling process from the beginning. Did you know that aluminum could be recycled and used once again in just 6 weeks? Aluminum is one of the materials used by people in the form of cans which lots of food comes in and that is why recycling would be important in such a case instead of throwing away all these cans without making any use of them. The interesting fact regarding aluminum recycling is that one recycled can could actually save energy to power a television for three hours!