What is the Biggest Planet in our Solar System? Planet Facts for Kids


What is the biggest planet in the solar system? That’s a question your kids might be asking since they are still taking their first baby initial steps into exploring the world they are living in and getting much deeper into space and its facts. In a journey of trying to bring this answer for those parents trying to educate their kids about the solar system; how many they are, which is the biggest, which is the smallest and every other thing that might be related to this world, they could find everything they are searching for on our channel, on which we try to bring everything as interesting and exciting as we could to avoid turning off the boys and girls from leaving the video and hating the idea of learning new facts. The answer for this question would be “Jupiter”. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and it is also considered a gas planet for having hydrogen, helium and ammonia. Jupiter also has an ice core that is situated in the center of the planet and it has more than 50 moons – which would be a surprising thing for all the kids who are just used to the one moon they welcome every single night. Adding to all this, there is one another interesting fact which we should place on your kid’s plate: Jupiter has rings, these rings are very dark and difficult to be seen and they are believed to be made of small bits of dust.