What is Phonics? How do I Teach my Child Phonics?


What is phonics? Phonics is the way of teaching kids to read by correlating specific sounds to each letter in the alphabet. Phonics helps children to read and at the same time it gives them the chance to spell the words in the correct manner, which is considered very important at the beginning so that they could start the journey correctly. How to teach phonics to your kids? A lot of people start the journey of teaching their kids phonics through teaching them to read and this is not the best way to follow, but instead there are some phonics games that could teach the kids the sounds produced by every single letter before they could link these sounds together to bring out a word. There are several phonics games which we have tried, those with the flash cards, the Lego letters’ pieces, the kids magazine of words as well as the white board and the words and letters written on it. Every single game might lead to the same outcome but playing different ones with different ideas will trick your kids and thus will open their minds to different questions and help them get better at the whole idea of spelling the words correctly.