Vikings Facts for Kids – 5 Fascinating Facts about Vikings

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Today we will learn five frightening facts about Vikings for kids.

Vikings Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Great Sailors

The Vikings were famous for sailing huge distances from the home in Scandinavia between AD 800 and 1066 to raid and plunder. But they also traded with people from other countries. That’s a long time.

Vikings Facts for Kids
Close-up of a Viking boat

Vikings Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Vikings Gods

Among the many gods Vikings believed in Thor, the God of thunder, and Loki, a cheeky mischief maker who could shapeshift to become all different kinds of animals. What a beast!

Vikings Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Terrifying Warriors

Ever wondered where the word berserk comes from? Berserkers was the name of some terrifying Viking warriors who wore bear or wolf skins and howled in battle like wild animals. That’s crazy.

Vikings Facts for Kids LearningMole
Viking in warrior costume on Black Background

Vikings Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Expert Boat Builders

The Vikings were expert boat builders and sailors. Heels, central spines along boats’ bottom, made their 16 to 37 meter long boats easy to steer. And because they were designed to float high in the water, landing on beaches was easy. Who knew?

Vikings Facts for Kids LearningMole
Traditional wooden Viking boat in aged village

Vikings Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: What Happened After an Important Viking Die?

When important Vikings died, they would be placed with all their clothes, jewellery, even their animals in a burial ship. This would either be covered with a huge mound of earth or set alight and pushed out to sea. What a strange way to go?!

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about The Vikings as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic these people are, you can move on to learn about other ones like: The Inuit, The Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Celts and Egyptians

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