Viking Women Facts for Kids – 5 Wonderful Facts about Viking Women

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Viking women were really special! Let’s discover five wonderful Viking women facts for kids.

Viking Women Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Viking Women Had Rights

Viking women had more rights than other women during the Middle ages. Viking women had more rights, freedom and power than any other women in the world at the time. They were allowed to initiate divorce and could even own property. This would have been unheard of in other cultures. When a marriage ended, women could take back their money and own the household. If they remarried their property was handed over to their new husband.

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Viking Women Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Viking Women Ran The Household

Viking  women took care of the households and when their husbands were away raiding, they fell into the position of leader of the household. If a Viking woman’s husband died she would take full responsibility and control of her family. Viking women prepared the food and stitched clothes for their children and themselves. The Viking women also practised preaching stories orally from one generation to another until these stories were captured in writing. The myths and legends we know of the Vikings is thanks to the Viking women passing on the stories.

Viking Women Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Viking Women Were Buried with Valuables That Reflected Their Status

Depending on where a Viking woman ranked in society or what role she played, she would’ve been buried with objects to reflect her life. If a Viking woman was of importance she would have been buried with luxuries such as oil lamps or knives. Many Viking women also had keys buried with them to reflect their status as housewives. Meaningful items which represented the Viking woman’s life would be buried alongside with her. Objects that have been found in Viking womens graves have been textiles, various brooches, sickles, beads and rings.

Viking Women Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: Viking Women Took Care of The Households Finances

Many Viking women would have made and sold wool and yarn to provide for their family. Viking women were allowed to sell the clothes they made markets in order to make money. Viking women were quite entrepreneurial during their time. Viking women also took care of the family farm animals, using them for food and their skin and fur for clothing.

Viking Women Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Some Viking Women Fought in Battle

It has been said that Viking women fought in battle. Viking women learned skills that could be used during war battles such as swordplay and often they even dressed up just like Viking men. Some Viking women were known as Valkyries, which translates to “Choosers of the Slain”. In Norse mythology, the Valkyries were warrior women who served the god Odin and were sent by him to the battlefields.

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about Viking women as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic The Vikings are, you can move on to learn more about them: Vikings, Viking Warriors, Viking Routines, Viking Children and Viking Clothes

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