Learn Everything about Trucks Plus 20 Amazing Types 

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Trucks play an important role in the human ecosystem. They daily traverse long distances on roads to transport vital supplies needed by individuals, industries, and entire cities. They have been designed to transport everything from large automobiles to food, water, gas, furniture, appliance, and much more.

In this lesson, we are going to learn what trucks are and how they originated, and we will get to know 20 different types of trucks. Let’s find out!

Truck Facts for Kids
Truck Facts for Kids

What Is a Truck? 

The English word “truck” originates from the Greek word “trochos,” which means “wheel.”

A truck, or lorry in British English, is a type of vehicle made to transport cargo and specific payloads or carry out other practical activities. Most trucks run on diesel fuel. Driving a truck often requires a special license, which is different from a regular driver’s license.

Trucks History: How Trucks Originated?

Both trucks and cars originated from steam wagons. However, steam wagons were not widely used until the middle of the 19th century. This is because they could only go very small distances as the roads then were designed for horses and carriages.

By 1935, changes in road tax regulations in the United Kingdom replaced steam wagons with diesel trucks because there was no profit from steam wagons.

Why Are Trucks Important? 

  • Trucks are the most adaptable, responsive, and cost-effective means of transportation for most goods and freight.
  • Nearly 71% of all goods transported over land are carried by trucks.
  • Trucks are used to transport many important public services, including construction, fire, and garbage collection.
  • Trucks are part of the distribution process of most of our daily needs, such as food, clothing, electronics, and so on. 

Trucks Sizes 

Trucks have different sizes and shapes, and here are the main classifications of trucks in terms of size:


These vehicles are not eligible for usage on highways. They are typically created as golf cars with electric motors and used in parks and golf courses. 

Very Light

These mini trucks are light vehicles popular in old town districts of European cities that usually have tiny passageways.


Light trucks are vehicles the size of a car used by individuals and businesses. Any truck that weighs less than 6,300 kg (13,000 lb) is considered a light truck in the US.


Medium trucks are larger and heavier than light but smaller and lighter than heavy trucks. Trucks that weigh between 6,300 kg (13,000 lb) and 15,000 kg (33,000 lb) are classified as medium trucks in the US. Medium trucks are typically used for local deliveries and public services, such as dump trucks, garbage trucks, and firefighting trucks.


Heavy trucks, known as lorries in the United Kingdom, are the largest on-road trucks that often pull trailers. Heavy trucks often have three axles: one at the front and two at the back, with coupled wheels on the back axles to support heavy loads.

20 Amazing Types of Trucks 

According to each size, trucks have many different types and usages. The following list explains some of the main types of trucks and what they are used for: 

1) Mini Truck

A mini truck is a small truck used for transporting light cargo, such as appliances. 

2) Small Commercial Vehicle

A small commercial vehicle is a small truck with passenger seats used for transporting goods or passengers. 

3) Pickup Truck

A pickup truck is a popular type of light truck typically used as a passenger car. 

Truck Facts for Kids
Truck Facts for Kids

4) Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

An SUV is a light truck often used as a personal vehicle. 

5) Minivan

A minivan is a light truck similar to a small commercial vehicle but is larger and has more rows of passenger seats. Minivans are used as passenger vehicles. 

6) Panel Truck

A panel truck is a light truck that doesn’t have back windows or seats and is used as a small delivery truck. 

7) Tow Truck

Also known as a recovery vehicle, a tow truck is a light truck used to move or recover damaged or improperly parked vehicles.

Tow Trucks for Kids
Tow Trucks for Kids

8) Van

A van is a medium truck that is widely used and often operates in urban areas. It is used for appliance delivery, ambulance, police transit, and commuting for school students.

9) Box Truck

A box truck is a medium truck with a cabin and an enclosed cargo area, often separated by a door or window.

10) Medium-Duty Truck

A medium-duty truck is a medium-sized truck used for commercial purposes, such as transporting water and other liquids. 

11) Cutaway Van Chassis

A cutaway van chassis is a type of medium-sized truck that includes various trucks. It can be used as a minibus or an ambulance, for example. 

12) Fire Truck

A fire truck is a medium truck used to transport firefighters, equipment, and water supply for firefighting. 

Fire Truck for Kids
Fire Truck for Kids

13) Flatbed Truck

A flatbed truck is a medium truck with a flat body attached to the driver’s cabin. It is used to transport logs or heavy goods that tolerate environmental conditions like rain. 

14) Livestock Truck

A livestock truck is usually a medium-sized truck used to transport animals between farms. It is often partially open from the top or back to allow the animals to get air and light. 

15) Cement/Concrete Mixer

A cement/concrete mixer is a heavy truck with a large drum in which dry materials are mixed with water by a spiral blade. So, it is used to mix and transport concrete and cement. 

16) Dump Truck

A dump truck is a heavy truck with an open-box container attached to the rear flatbed and has hydrams to lift the container’s front. It is used to carry dumps of sand, coal, and so on. 

17) Crane Truck/ Mobile Crane

A mobile crane is a heavy truck with a strong crane used for lifting, lowering, and transporting heavy objects. 

Trucks,Types of Trucks LearningMole
Heavy duty mobile lifting crane driving on intercity road at sunset.

18) Garbage Truck

A garbage truck is a heavy truck with a large waste container equipped with lids. As its name suggests, it is used to collect garbage and solid waste. 

19) Refrigerator Truck

A refrigerator truck is a heavy truck with huge, covered, cooling containers used for carrying goods that require low temperatures. 

20) Tanker Truck

A tanker truck is a heavy truck with a large cylindrical container or tank used to carry and transport liquids or gases. 

Trucks are crucial for connecting transportation systems between cities or countries. They are among the most powerful vehicles on the road and are designed to transport the biggest and heaviest objects, helping people and businesses get their needs for living and working.

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