10 Delicious Tropical Fruits You Must Try!

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If you are travelling to a tropical region, you should not miss out on trying new flavours or new fruits. This resource introduces 10 of the most popular and delicious tropical fruits in different regions of the world that are worth trying. Learn and enjoy!

What Are Tropical Fruits?

Tropical fruit is any edible fruit grown in tropical regions of hot and humid climates. Tropical fruits are known for their vibrant colours and strong flavours. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be enjoyed in many ways.

The tropical regions’ hot and wet climate helps the fruit develop different flavours, including sweetness, sourness, zest, and tartness.

Best 10 Tropical Fruits


The mango is known for its delicious and juicy taste. The yellow flesh is covered by a tough, inedible red-green peel.

The mango flavour is like a blend between orange and pineapple. Mangoes are easily found in all tropical regions, in juice, smoothies, and many savoury plates such as salads and chicken dishes.

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit is a beautiful pink tropical fruit that is also known as Pitaya. It consists of white or pink flesh with small black edible seeds throughout and covered in a thick, inedible pink peel. The peel is covered with green-tipped spikes.

Dragon Fruit has three types: The red variety, in which the skin and flesh are both red; the white variety, in which the skin is red, but the flesh is white; and the yellow variety, in which the skin is yellow, but the flesh is white.

Dragon Fruit has a moist, fleshy texture with an added crunch from the tiny seeds. It has a taste similar to that of a kiwi or a pear. It is sweet with a bit of a sour flavour. Dragon Fruit is used in making different types of juice and smoothies. It can also be sliced to be used in salads.


Papaya is a large tropical fruit shaped like a teardrop. It consists of soft orange-red pulp with small, edible, black seeds sitting inside it. The fruit is covered with a thin yellow or green outer skin.

The black seeds inside the papaya are not only edible but also have many nutrients that are good for the body. Both the seeds and pulp of the papaya can be used in some kinds of medicines. Papayas are also used to make juice, smoothies, jams, and savoury dishes.

Papaya’s texture is creamy, similar to that of a pumpkin, but it has a sweeter taste. The taste of papaya is refreshing and energising.


The guava is one of the most loved tropical fruits. It is nearly similar in size to an apple. It consists of white, pink, red, or orange pulp that is very soft and juicy with edible seeds. The pulp is covered with edible green or yellow skin, depending on the type.

Guava’s pulp texture is soft and juicy. It has a sweet taste like strawberry and a bit of a sour flavour like a pear. Guavas are used to make juice, ice creams, jams, and desserts. Guavas leaves are good for many medical cases, such as lowering blood pressure.

Passion Fruit

Passion fruit is one of the tastiest and most popular tropical fruits. It consists of a golden pulp dotted with small, edible seeds and covered in a hard purple or yellow outer skin. Purple passion fruits typically have black seeds, and yellow passion fruits have brown seeds.

Passion fruit typically has a tart or acidic taste with a bit of a sweet flavour. The seeds are crunchy and edible, but they are tart-tasting. In general, passion fruit has a good, refreshing taste. It can be used in juice, sorbets, desserts, yoghurts, and dairy products.


Lychee is a tropical fruit that is usually the size of a grape. It consists of a milky white pulp covered in a thin, hard, pink skin. A large, inedible seed in the middle of the pulp needs to be removed before eating the flesh.

The lychee’s pulp texture is jelly-like. The fruit has a taste that blends a watermelon and a strawberry.


Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is naturally divided into segments. The bigger segments usually have an inedible seed, but the smaller segments have no seeds. The mangosteen consists of soft, white flesh covered in tough purple skin that is inedible.

Mangosteen’s taste is mild and not too sweet. It has a flavour that is somewhere between a peach and pineapple. The flesh’s texture is soft and juicy. Mangosteen is a refreshing fruit that also has health benefits. It can be used in making juice, jams, and desserts.


Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that comes in different sizes. It consists of a white, fibrous surface that holds golden yellow pods. Those pods are the edible part of the jackfruit. There is a seed inside each pod that can be eaten after boiling. The jackfruit has thick, spiky green skin.

Jackfruit’s texture is fibrous and slimy, like mangoes or bananas. It tastes very sweet with a tangy flavour. It can be said that it tastes like a blend of apple and banana. Jackfruit is used in many foods, including desserts, sorbets, tacos and burger toppings.


Rambutan is a tropical fruit that consists of creamy, white pulp similar to a grape with an inedible brown seed in the middle. It is covered in red skin with hairy spikes surrounding the outside of the skin.

Rambutan tastes sweet and refreshing, similar to a pear or grape. The fruit can be enjoyed raw or added to other foods like salads. It can also be used in making juice, smoothies, and sorbets.


Cherimoya, also called custard apple, is a large, unique tropical fruit. It consists of gummy, creamy pulp with a texture similar to custard. You can even eat the pulp with a spoon directly from the fruit. There are small black seeds inside, but they are poisonous to humans, so they should be discarded. The pulp is covered by a rough, green skin that looks like overlapping scales.

Cherimoya has a sweet taste similar to a blend of banana and pineapple with a bit of a strawberry taste. It is sometimes used in making desserts because of its sweet flavour.

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