Tricky words for Kids Phase 1

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Tricky words for Kids Phase 1

What does tricky words mean? Tricky words are those words which the kids might find a little bit difficulty in reading or writing, because when the letters are combined together, they produce a different sound than when they are alone.

There are different tricky words which we have brought in this video to let the kids get used to them. Getting used to the tricky words happen through the method used in teaching the kids and in this educational video, the technique we are depending on is “read it, make it, write it” which are the steps that the kid will need to go through and perform. At the beginning of the activity, the parent will write down a tricky word on the board and then ask the child to read it, make it with the magnetic letters, and then write it down on the board.

At the beginning, kids could create the words and write them down while they are looking on what the parent has written, but to make it a little bit challenging for them, the parent should clear everything and let the kid write down the letter without having any other resource to look at. This is a good technique to teach the kids to write down words without always having something to look at.

The different tricky words which we used in this video are “saw”, “what”, “was” and they are actually used in lots of different sentences and the kids will use a lot throughout their educational journey. It is always important that the parent choose three or four words to play with and make sure to do so with those which their kids might find it a little bit difficult to read or write.

Tricky Words LearningMole

These different games related to tricky words are helpful not only in letting the kids pronounce and spell the words correctly, but they also give them the chance to learn how to write down these letters or words (Tricky Words for Kids).

When it comes to the lessons taught to the kids, it is always helpful and more effective to use the different games and activities because that’s how challenging the whole game will turn out to be and how the kids will actually learn something at the end. There are different spelling and writing games in general for the kids that will help them a lot in learning the English language correctly and know more about phonics as well.

Learning the English alphabet letters, spelling the letters correctly, writing down those letters and being able to blend all these in the writing as well as the reading phase, are all different lessons which the kids will go through when they are learning English, since it is not that easy as some people think – or as adults perceive it nowadays – for the kids, the whole thing is different (Writing, Spelling….).

Using the tools at home, the different games and toys which the kids already own, and depending on some cheap resources, always end up being successful when it comes to teaching the kids something new, such as this lesson related to the tricky words in the English language.

Always get creative with teaching the kids and always make sure to keep them the ones leading the game because that’s how they end up being excited about it all and will even ask for repeating the whole game and trying other tricky words to write, make and read.

What do you think of those different tricky words we have chosen? Did your kids work on them before? Did they manage to read the words correctly, make them and write them down once again? Are there any other words you would like to recommend when it comes to the tricky ones?

Let the parents learn this tricky words technique for their kids and let the kids play with learning new letters and words and know how they are supposed to pronounce them correctly. Enjoy this video along with your kids and let us hear your feedback about how it all turned out to be.

KS1 Phonics can be a challenge at the best of times but when you come across a tricky word to spell, it can be a real spelling challenge. Looking the tricky words phase 1 list can help to identify the words that your child will find difficult. Tricky words are basically words that cannot be spelled using the phonic sounds that children are taught or don’t follow phonetic patterns.

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