Tricky Words for Kids Phase 1 Jolly Phonics

Tricky Words

Tricky words are very important for kids. This video shows activities and simple games to learn jolly phonics. The Jolly phonics program is important for the kids. They help support your child in learning those tricky words. Phonics is essential in learning to read and spell and practice makes perfect!

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Find the Tricky Words

Ask the kids to set in groups. You can give the kids a short story in big formatting. The kids have to go through the story and find the tricky words. Then, they need to read the words out and say the sound for each letter of the word.

Tricky Words
Tricky Words

Memory Game

Teachers can use this fun game with the kids to better memorize the tricky words. The teacher shows the kids some flashcards with the tricky words. Then, the teacher put them upside down on the desk. Kids have to remember where is each tricky word.

Matching pairs tricky words - Teaching resources

Domino Game

The teacher prepares a set of flashcards with the tricky words written on them. At the back of each card, there are the domino spots. Kids roll the dice and pick up the card with the number of spots. Then, they read it out loud.

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Tricky Words Bingo Game

This is a popular game for kids. In this game, each kid has a bingo board with a list of tricky words. There is then a box of tricky word flashcards in the middle of the table. Each kid picks up a flashcard from the box in turn.
IF they find the tricky words on their board, they place them in. IF they didn’t find the word, they put the flashcard back in the box. The one who fills in the board first is the winner.

Bingo Game

Tricky Words and Hoops

This is one of the most amazing tricky word games that you can play outside. Place some hoops on the ground with ‘tricky’ words written on flashcards inside them. Kids can roll a big dice and then jump down the hoops and say the word.
The first kid to get to the end is the winner. This game helps improve kids’ motor skills. It also makes it much easier for the kids to memorize tricky words while they are having fun.

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Beat the Clock

This game is an amazing game that helps improve fluency and speed for kids. The adult can use the timer in this game. The adult gives each kid in turn a pile of tricky words. Kids have to read as many words as they can in one minute.

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Tricky Word Racetrack

You can create a racetrack on a large piece of paper, or cardboard. You need to divide the racetrack into squares, each one with a tricky word. You can at least create twenty squares from start to finish.
Kids start at the start-line. Then, they take turns rolling the dice. They jump that number of squares up the track. Kids have to say the word you land on. The kid who gets to the finish line first is the winner.

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Find Your Partner

You can give each kid one tricky word flashcard. Ask the kids to stand up and move around to find a partner. Kids need to read their partners’ tricky words. Then, Kids swap their flashcards them. Then, kids do the whole thing again.

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Tricky Words with Play-Doh

You can give each kid a set of different coloured play-doh. Kids can use the play-doh tray and sticks. Kids roll the play-doh and divide them into parts. They can write as many tricky words as they can with the sticks on the play-doh. The kid who writes more words is the winner.

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