Tips for Teaching Reading- Teaching kids how to Read


Reading is not just about learning to spell the letters and understanding what phonics is, but reading is also about the expressions delivered through the dots and marks found in the sentences and it is also about having some fun while changing your voice according to the characters. If you want your kids to love reading then you should teach them how they are supposed to read their books in an interesting and exciting way. The whole process of teaching the child to read starts at the reading comprehension strategies before it comes to the part of knowing about punctuation that teaches the kids how to read correctly and even enjoy the whole process while doing so. The are several tips to consider in order to know how to teach kids to read. It all starts with giving the child the chance to read the story he/she is given and then start asking them simple questions to educate them more on the matter, like pointing to the full stop and asking him/her what this is and why it is placed in the sentence. In addition to stressing on the punctuation part, parents should also teach the kids to read with using their expressions and at the same time know how to read with different tones.