Coffee Beans 101: The Interesting Story Behind Coffee

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Coffee is the best drink for many people around the world, many have it in the morning, and others can enjoy it all day long. Coffee beans are roasted and ground; people can soak them in hot water and then filter them to make a cup of coffee. Coffee is made of roasted coffee beans; it is dark in colour, bitter and acidic.

Coffee is usually served hot or cold; it can also be prepared and presented in different ways, like espresso, French, café latte, and brewed canned coffee. Coffee stimulates the brain due to its caffeine content, so many are using it to be more alert and active; this makes coffee so popular worldwide. Besides boosting energy levels, coffee has many health benefits supporting brain health, helping in weight management, decreasing the risk of depression, supporting heart health and increasing longevity.

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Coffee Beans 101: What Is The History of Coffee?

The word “coffee” has roots in many languages; it’s called “qahwah” in Arabic, “kahveh in Turkish, “koffie” in dutch and coffee in English.

Coffee beans are a plant which looks like a red cherry; coffee beans are fermented and processed like coca. Some people said that coffee beans were discovered in 1000 A.D, but others said that it only found in the 13th century as people were making them as we know them today.

Coffee was so popular in the Arabian regions in the 13th century; Arabs loved its rich taste and stimulant effect, as it was very useful during long prayer sessions. By drying and boiling the coffee beans, rendering them infertile, the Arabs could corner the market on coffee crops. History shows us that coffee Didn’t exist outside of the Arab region or Africa until the 16th century when the Indian pilgrim “Baba Budan” left Mecca with fertile beans attached to a belt across his waist. Those beans were the reason behind the competitive new business.

Dutch found Coffee beans in Sri Lanka in 1616, then France started to plant them in the Caribbean and the Portuguese in Brazil. By then, coffee started to be popular in Europe, especially in Italy. Then became popular with French people, who mostly enjoy their coffee with a croissant in cafes.

By the 18th century, coffee beans became popular in America; people started to consume coffee more than tea, especially during the Civil War, to boost energy levels because of caffeine. As a result, coffee became the most popular drink around the world by time.

Coffee Beans 101: Which Countries Produce More Coffee?

There are more than 70 countries worldwide that produce coffee beans, here are the top five countries which produce coffee:

1. Brazil:

Brazil’s economy is based on the coffee beans industry, so it is the largest producer; there are more than 300.000 coffee farms around Brazil.

2. Vietnam:

Vietnam became the largest coffee beans producer In the 20th century; Its coffee production increased by 30% per year, significantly transforming the economy. Vietnam focused on producing Robusta beans and became number 1 worldwide; they have double the amount of caffeine than Arabica, plus it is more bitter in taste.

3. Colombia:

Colombia is well known for its mild taste of coffee beans production, plus it is also considered No.2 in Arabica beans production.

4. Indonesia:

Indonesia’s climate and location helped produce Arabica and Robusta beans, although it is considered the third large country in Robusta beans production. Indonesian coffee is the most expensive coffee due to the way of harvesting it, which creates an intense taste.

5. Ethiopia:

Ethiopia is considered as the largest and No.1 coffee beans production in Africa and No. 5 worldwide.

Coffee Beans 101: What Are The Types Of Coffee?

There are Different Types of Coffee Beans, like:


Arabica is popular worldwide because coffee lovers prefer its taste; it has a complex sweet flavour. In addition, Arabica doesn’t contain as much caffeine as Robusta, and it’s usually used in black coffee.


Robusta is stronger than Arabica, plus it’s cheaper. However, Robusta contains a high amount of caffeine and has a bitter flavour, so it’s used in an instant coffee mix and Espresso drinks. 

French Roast:

The French roast is a type of roasting beans in a different way than Arabica and Robusta.

Coffee Beans 101: What Are The Types Of Coffee Drinks?

Coffee beans can make many delicious drinks like cappuccino, americano, latte, and much more. Here are some of the hot and cold popular delicious drinks:

1. Hot Coffee Drinks:

Hot coffee is so delicious, especially in the winter; here are some of these cold drinks:

Black Coffee

Black coffee is a great choice for coffee lovers; it is simple: just ground coffee beans soaked in hot water and then served. It is also called “cafe noir.”. It’s acceptable to add some milk and sugar to it if it feels so intense.


Latte is a popular drink; it contains a shot of espresso, steamed milk and foam. Latte can be drunk plain or with flavours like vanilla or caramel.


Cappuccino is an espresso shot but made with more foam than steamed milk, sometimes with a little bit of cinnamon or cocoa powder on top. Some people use cream instead of milk to create a rich, creamy taste.


Americano is an espresso shot with hot water; it usually tastes like black coffee.


Doppio is a double shot of espresso.


Cortado is espresso with milk in a great, perfect balance and harmony.


Macchiato is an espresso shot with foam on top, between a doppio and cappuccino.


Mocha is an espresso shot with chocolate, steamed milk and foam. It is the best drink for chocolate lovers.


Affogato is a shot of espresso with an ice cream scope; it can also be served with small delicious squares of brownie, yummy!


Irish coffee contains black coffee, sugar, whiskey, and whipped cream.

2. Cold Coffee Drinks:

Iced coffee is so refreshing, especially in the summer; here are some of these cold drinks:

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is coffee with ice cubes served with cream, milk, or sweetener.

Iced espresso

Iced espresso is cold espresso shots served the same way as iced coffee.

Cold Brew

Cold brew is made by soaking coffee beans in water from 6 to 36 hrs; it can be served with cream or milk once it’s brewed.


Frappuccino is a cold coffee consisting of espresso shots, ice, whipped cream and sweetened syrup.


Coffee Beans 101: What Are The Types Of Coffee Makers?

There are many coffee makers; coffee lovers enjoy their coffee in cafes or at home by using machines, so enjoying a cup or a mug of a tasty, healthy cup of coffee is possible by using those machines; here are some of these popular machines:

1. French press:

A French press makes coffee very easily by adding ground coffee beans and hot water inside it, then letting them mix for a few minutes; after that, it’s time to press the plunger to pour this delicious coffee. Dark rich roasted beans are perfect for the french press, but any type of roast will be okay, tho.

2. AeroPress:

Aeropress is another manual coffee maker; it is like FrenchPress. This awesome little machine can make espresso, cold brews, lattes, or a classic cup of coffee.

3. Moka Pot:

Moka pot is like a stovetop; it creates an espresso-like drink. It is better to watch it while making coffee because whenever the coffee is ready, it is time to remove the pot from the heat to avoid burn taste.

french press


There is a story and history behind that rich cup of coffee which people enjoy daily; Arabs were the first people who enjoyed coffee, specifically in Yemen, and then those plants spread in Europe, America and Africa and then to the whole world. Coffee beans were fermented, processed and roasted to make drinks. 

People use coffee to be more active, alert and focused. Nowadays, most people enjoy coffee as a delicious “hot or iced” beverage and create many ways to enjoy it to the max. People also invented machines to enjoy coffee at home or in cafes, like FrenchPress, Moka pot, AreoPress and many more.

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