Teaching with Play Doh- Numeracy and Pattern Making


Are you wondering about the lessons that could be taught by using play doh? There are several lessons that you could teach your kids while letting them play with play doh, those which are related to maths, those related to English and alphabets and as Michelle has done in this video, it could be about creating patterns and paying attention to direction. You might even be one of those who faced some difficulties while trying to tell which is the right direction and which is the left when you were a kid and that might be the same struggle that your kids are dealing with these days. Playing sometimes gives the children the chance to learn something new but in order to reach this point, you should choose the right game or the right toy. Play doh is one of the kids’ favorite toys which they love to play with and make different shapes and this is one great opportunity for all the parents out there to use play doh in order to support the kids in the learning process which they want to follow as a part of the homeschooling journey.