Teaching with Play Doh – The Simple Number recognition Method

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Teaching with Play Doh at LearningMole

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Teaching with Play Doh
Teaching with Play Doh

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Teaching with Play Doh Video

This video falls in the math category and it makes the process of knowing the numbers and knowing how to count much more easier and more interesting for the kids, why?

Because Michelle uses play-doh and Lego to give the kids the motivation they need. In this video Michelle is teaching Aaron to know how to count and she chose number “4” to let him do it.

The duty on Aaron now is to use the play doh and the Lego part in order to count “4”, this happens through using the Lego piece and stamping the play doh with it.

This is one good and useful way for the kids because they should first know and identify the number you are holding for them and then let them show you how would they count – it showed to be a successful technique when used with Aaron.

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