Teaching with Play Doh – Brilliant Multiplication Story Problems

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Brilliant Ideas of Teaching

Coming up with new and interesting ways to teach kids counting and maths in general is now one of the parents’ requests, and thinking about using play doh is considered one of the successful and motivating techniques that are used these days.

Teaching with Play Doh LearningMole

Teaching with Play Doh

You could do shapes, you could write letters and numbers, you could create a pattern, etc. There are lots of things that kids could do with using the play doh and these different things could actually help them to learn and practice along the way, parents should just choose the right games and mathematical problems and they will reach the goal needed.

Teaching with Play Doh

Teaching with Play Doh: Multiplication Story Problems Video

In this video, Michelle is focusing on the story telling technique and method that is also related to math in some kind of way. Storytelling is one thing that any person should learn to do in order to manage building a conversation or even going along with one.

Michelle asked Aaron at first to count the dots found on the back of the snakes and she built a discussion with him about how he got the answer and what are the other different ways that the answer could be calculated through.

Michelle then asked Aaron to tell a story using those three snakes but managed to arrange them in a specific order and give each one a number or dot.

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