Teaching with Play Doh – Dazzling Addition

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Teaching with Play Doh

Are you asking yourself about the things you could teach your kids at home with the help of using play doh? There are lots of things but math is our favorite for the counting that could be done through story problems, through building shapes and through lots of other different ways.

Teaching with Play Doh

Play doh is one of the favorite games that kids love to play with for the different shapes that they tend to make and build, but it is always more interesting for the kids to have a goal in mind or something to look up to and that’s when you ask them to do something for you as part of teaching them another.

Teaching with Play Doh: Counting

Counting is one of the easy mathematical processes that kids could do but if your kids are still at the beginning of their educational journey then you have to examine their counting skills to know whether they could do it or not.

Teaching with Play Doh LearningMole

Teaching with Play Doh Addition Video

Michelle in this video examined her son James’ counting skills by letting him add dots to the snakes which are both made from play doh.

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