Teaching with Play Doh- Counting and Matching


Are you searching for one easy method that you could use to teach your kid how to count? Play-doh is the answer for you, because kids love to play with it and they will be excited to match and count while using it. Here in LearningMole, Michelle has brought lots of different games which parents could use in their homeschooling journey that depend on play-doh, and not just that, but she also has her tricks with other games that the kids enjoy playing with, like the Lego, and this proved to be successful in motivating the kids to learn. In this video, the main goal was to examine the child’s ability to count and differentiate the number being presented to him. The good thing about the items that Michelle was using in this lesson and video is that they could be easily created with a pen and a paper; you could create your own domino piece and you could write whatever number you want on a piece of paper.