Teaching with Play Doh- Counting


At that early age, when you ask any kid out there about the most liked games and toys which they might have, their answer would most probably include play-doh and of course the different characters which they might have. In this video, Michelle is using play doh and one of James’ favorite small characters in order to teach him how to count numbers while playing around at the same time. This actually made the learning process much easier because you are not following the ordinary techniques of using a pen and a paper which the kids might became bored of and thus might not be interested in sitting and learning something new. Using the play doh could happen through lots of ways, in this video, Michelle first asked James to count to four by stamping with the small character toy on the play doh piece and then she asked him to make three buns for her bakery shop and thus he counted to three with taking out the buns by using a round plastic piece.