Subtraction for Kids 3 – Introducing Subtracting Tools

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Updated on: Educator Review By: Michelle Connolly

How to subtract? This is the question that parents ask their children while they are homeschooling them and teaching them math. There are actually lots of different methods used for subtraction but the most important thing of all is teaching the kid the right order that should be applied on the numbers in the equation. The easy and basic way of subtraction is the most important because it is the first step that kids take to learn this mathematical operation. In this educational video, the focus is on the easiest and simplest ways used in subtraction which is the number lines. Recently, we have heard lots of teachers at schools saying that number lines are like giving the kids a chance to cheat and we want to stress on the point that this is actually wrong because number lines make it easier for the kid to count and solve the mathematical problems and not for giving the kids the chance to cheat.

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