Subtraction for Kids 2 – Subtracting Games

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Updated on: Educator Review By: Michelle Connolly

If you are considering the idea of teaching kids math and subtraction by using their toys then you should be sure of the outcome, they will definitely love what they are doing and will always get excited about the lesson they are going to learn. Kids love to play with their toys generally during the day and that is the reason why they will always find it interesting to learn something through playing with them as well. Subtraction is one of the different mathematical operations that kids learn the first thing in math and in addition to the two famous words used for it, which are subtract and minus, there are other words in the mathematical vocabulary which kids should be well aware of, such as take away, remove, take off, etc. Math vocabulary is important because it will help the kids understand what is being asked from them, whether they should add, subtract, multiply or divide, and this could be worked on through the daily conversations that parents hold with their kids in general during the day and not just while they are homeschooling them and giving them some math lessons. In this educational video, Michelle was stressing on the idea of helping the kids to learn subtraction and how to subtract through the daily things they do; it could be through asking them about the number of berries they are eating and what would happen if one is taken away, how many would there be and how could one get rid of this one. This will help the kid to think about the way this berry could be removed and then will manage to get the final answer which is how many will there be.

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