Study English: 12 reasons why it is a powerful idea to study English

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At any age, studying a new language may be pleasurable. People choose to study English as a new language for various reasons, including travel or employment, and the rewards may be priceless.

Learning a foreign language may broaden your horizons in terms of culture and give you greater self-assurance when you’re on the road. Additionally, mastering a second language indeed enhances brain function. Studies have shown that multilingual individuals perform better in all cognitive domains, including memory, problem-solving, critical thinking, focus, multitasking, and listening.

More individuals are spending time to study English as a second language today. English is taught in many nations’ schools, and kids are starting to acquire it at younger and younger ages. 

You may progress personally and professionally when you study English, regardless of whether you’re searching for a new career or have vacation plans. You may compete in the international job market, advance your career, and begin to network internationally.

study english
Study English

Reasons to study English

1. Considered as a global language

The language that is spoken the most over the globe is English. English is a language that one out of five people can speak or at least understand.

2. Can help in job recruitment

Science, aviation, computing, diplomacy, and tourism use English as their primary language. Therefore, your chances of getting a decent job at a global corporation in your native country or finding employment overseas are increased if you speak English.

3. Can facilitate meeting new individuals

A lingua franca (a language shared by all) used by people from all over the world, English is the official language of 53 nations. When you study English it help you communicate with individuals from around the world, whether working in Beijing or travelling in Brazil.

4. Used in many scientific publications

Over the past century, the ratio of scientific articles produced in English has begun to exceed that of papers written in the researcher’s mother tongue. Because of this, it is crucial for anyone working in the scientific area to be fluent in English.

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5. Used by the media sector as a primary language

Many movies, TV series, and popular songs are written in English because of Hollywood’s influence on the worldwide media. To enjoy your favorite books, songs, movies, and TV episodes, you won’t need to rely on translations or subtitles if you speak English.

6. The most commonly used language on the Internet.

More than half of the information on the internet is published in English, making it a particularly significant language online. Additionally, many of the biggest IT firms in the world have their headquarters in English-speaking nations.

7. Makes travelling much more effortless.

If you are a tourist in any country, your language may be different than that of the hotel receptionist, so he might not be able to answer your question, but they will likely be able to answer your question in English.

8. One of the most crucial languages for business.

English is a valuable skill for anybody working in or owning a firm in the business sector. Since it is the most influential language of the United States and the official language of the United Kingdom, Canada, India, and South Africa.

To give you a sense of the kinds of scenarios in which English could be helpful in your nation, here are just three examples:

  • Meetings for business – Communicating in English enables you to host or participate in discussions for business on a global level. If speakers of other languages are present, the meeting will likely be conducted in English. If you are the only member of your team who speaks English, you may be invited to participate in important conferences and advance your career.
  • You can provide customer service and sales to your company’s English-speaking clients. This allows you to establish relationships with international clients, and the ability for interpersonal interaction is a crucial business skill that gives you a benefit over non-English-speaking employees and increases your value to your employer.
  • Your knowledge of English may help translate marketing materials or communications with customers or sales prospects if the company you work for markets its goods or services to English-speaking countries or releases other types of communications, such as press releases, to these countries. Learning about different cultures can help you understand how to sell ideas and products to people in English-speaking countries.
English for Kids
Study English: Portrait of successful businesswoman using wheelchair at meeting table and talking to diverse group of colleagues in modern office space

9. Gives you access to study anywhere in the world

Several colleges and institutions throughout the world offer programs in English because it is a language that is widely spoken. There are many options for you to discover a suitable school and course that meet your demands if you speak strong academic English.

10. Provides you with access to various cultures

You may access books, music, and movies from hundreds of nations if you study English well. Not to mention that many novels are translated into English from different languages. Learning the principles, customs, and way of life of a culture dissimilar to your own is one of the experiences that will help you develop personally the most.

11. You can enhance your confidence

Most people wish they could speak another language, and I doubt anyone living does not. Everyone would love to add it to their résumé as a talent. You can learn this talent if you put in a little effort every day. Then, you might be proud of your ability to interface with various individuals.

Everyone is aware of how challenging language learning can be. People will admire you for your dedication to maintaining and improving your English. You will get respect if you can interact with others and provide assistance.

People will also approach you to learn more about you and your perspective. They’ll be curious about you and your life experiences. They will be curious about the ideas, aspirations, anxieties, and viewpoints of someone from a different culture. You’ll feel more unique and self-assured when you think you’re more attractive!

12. You’ll mentally challenge yourself

When you Study English it will improve your intelligence and maintain a healthy brain, even if nothing else. Scientists show bilinguals understand things more quickly and perform better on examinations.

Examples of job opportunities for those who study English

Manager of social media

Jobs for social media managers need native English speakers or someone with a high level of proficiency and fluency in the language. An English language graduate is the finest person to provide this service. A social media manager earns, on average, $60,473 annually.

A technical writer

Technical writing is one of your top employment options as an English language graduate. A technical writer creates product evaluations, manuals, website help sections, frequently asked questions, etc. As a technical writer, you’ll employ exact grammar to convey ideas most straightforwardly and possibly.

Public relations professional

As a public relations professional, your responsibility will be to create an engaging and entertaining narrative about your client that will draw in new consumers and increase sales. In addition to having the necessary writing abilities and creativity to communicate their thoughts through press releases effectively, recent graduates have established a method for doing so through narrative.

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Study English: Business women, coach or manager at computer for ideas, training and advice for online marketing pr.


Graduates of English-speaking universities can work as librarians, drawing on their enormous pool of information to choose the kinds of books to include in their library collections. In addition, their reading abilities will enable students to read book reviews more quickly to make their choice of novels.

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