Roman Children Facts for Kids – 5 Cheerful Facts about Roman Children

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How do you think ancient Roman children looked like? Let’s discover five cheerful Roman children facts for kids.

Roman Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 1: Not All Roman Children Went to School

Unlike today where schooling is compulsory for all children, in Ancient Rome, not all children were schooled. Usually it was only children from wealthy families as there was tuition that needed to be paid. Poor families couldn’t afford to pay this tuition to send their children to school and they also needed the children to stay home to help with work. It was normal for poorer children to be homeschooled by their parents. Even in wealthy families, some girls would not be schooled. Instead they would have to stay home, and help their mother to do chores. They would learn how to clean, cook and take care of the family to prepare them for married life.

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Roman Children Facts for Kids: Photography of children graduation

Roman Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 2: Roman Children Played with Toys Such as Dolls

Roman children didn’t have tv or video games, so in their spare time they would have to play games with one another for fun. Roman children would often play games and play with toys. Their toys weren’t much different to the toys that children would play with today. Roman children played with toys such as dolls, playhouses, pull toys, kites and balls. Roman children were great for using their imagination; they built carts that they would have raced and they would have rode hobby horses.

Most Roman children would have played outside together. Many Roman boys would play war games using wooden swords and shields as many Roman boys wanted to be warriors. 

Roman Children Facts for Kids
Roman Children Facts for Kids: A young girl is playing with wooden toys

Roman Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 3: Roman Boys Helped Their Fathers at Work

Not all Roman children had the luxury of school and some had to go out and work from a young age. It was normal for children from lower-class or poorer families to go out and help their fathers with work. Most of the time this was done by children of farmers who would have to help out on the farm. Children in particular Roman boys would learn how to do the trades that their fathers did so that they could have a job when they got older.

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Father and son tidying up bathroom together

Roman Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 4: The Bulla Was Worn to Protect a Child

Both male and female Roman children were given a charm at birth to wear around their necks which was known as a “bulla”. These charms were given to children a few days after they were born. The bulla was worn to protect a child from evil spirits and it also showed the child’s status as a freeborn child. This means that the child wasn’t born into slavery. Roman children were not regarded as human beings until they walked and talked. Many Roman children didn’t make it to this age due to disease and illness.

Roman Children Facts for Kids Fact Number 5: Roman Girls Married at a Very Young Age

It was normal for Roman children to get married young. When a Roman child was married they were then considered adults. Roman boys would marry at around the age of 14. While Roman girls would be made to marry at as young as 12 years old. Marriage ceremonies would usually occur at the bride’s house.

We hope you enjoyed learning more things about the Roman children as much as we loved teaching you about them. Now that you know how majestic this historical culture is, you can move on to learn about ancient people: Roman Daily Life and Ancient Rome.

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