Raw Honey Is More Than Just A Natural Sweetener

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Bees are beautiful creatures with little wings and alternating black and yellow colours. They have their kingdom, where they live in hives and have their queen bee rule them. It is one of the world’s communities led by female leaders. Although humans benefit a lot from bees, they can still have deadly stings from which one should be protected. 

These tiny flying insects only exist to mate and produce honey in magnificent amounts. Raw honey is that thick liquid that bees continuously produce for humans to use and take advantage of. It has tremendous benefits that can boost your overall health. While it is significant for young children to eat, it shouldn’t be given to toddlers. 

Here is all you would love to know about this deliciously healthy, thick liquid: 

How Do Bees Make RHoney?

Before we get into the process of raw honey making, it is essential to learn about the body parts of a bee, so you know where the honey comes from. Bees are little insects, and despite their tiny sizes, they have more organs than the eye can see. Their bodies are divided into three parts: the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. 

The Body of the Bee

The head has five eyes on them, two large ones at the sides, and they use them to distinguish colours and shapes around them. Their other three eyes are on top of the head, and they use them to navigate the environment. Bees also have long tongues that work as straws to help them carry liquids from one place to another, along with four wings, two on their backs and two on the forepart.

They also have two antennas for sensing their surroundings. Here come the most exciting parts; despite their small size, bees have two stomachs. They use it for eating their food, while the other one is used for storing water and the nectar collected from flowers, which are the primary source of making honey. 

Raw Honey
Honeybee that Produces Raw Honey

Honey Making

Bees are naturally busy creatures that keep buzzing around non-stop. A colony of bees consists of 60,000 bees. Each colony can go to millions upon millions of flowers each day. They use dancing and buzzing noises to communicate with one another. And working as a team, they inform each other of the best flowers to go over using the waggle dance. 

When they choose the perfect flower, they take out their long tongues and suck nectar from the nectary organ of a flower. They store the nectar in one of their stomachs and carry it back to their hives. On their way home, the nectar inside their abdomen breaks into a simpler sugar.

The bees that carry the honey from the flower to the hive is known as worker honeybee. It then passes the nectar liquid to a smaller bee, known as a house bee. These little bees enter their colony and put the nectar into the hexagon cells. They dry the nectar using their wings and then cover it with a lid. And that is how the honey is made. 

Raw honey LearningMole

Difference Between Raw Honey and Molasses

A lot of people believe that honey and molasses are the same things. They both have a liquid form, are naturally occurring, and have almost similar tastes. However, they’re two different things. Honey, as we thoroughly explained, is a natural product of bees. On the other hand, molasses is a product extracted from sugar cane plants and sugar beet. 

It has a dark brown colour and sweet taste, yet it has a much thicker texture than honey. Like honey, molasses has a lot of great benefits. It contains many nutrients, including vitamin b6, iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants. All of which significantly boost your overall health and support your immune system. 

10 Great Benefits to Reap From Raw Honey

Raw honey can be eaten straight from the jar or used as an additional ingredient to some drinks or food. Your body will thank you no matter what you choose to do with honey. It has tremendous advantages for your body and overall health, given being high in nutrients. Here are some of the magical benefits of honey that you can reap from either eating or using it regularly:

1. Used As A Natural Sweetener

Raw honey can be a great alternative to sugar. This works perfectly for those who have diabetes because it doesn’t raise sugar levels in the blood. It’s also an excellent option for people trying to shed extra pounds. Honey will sweeten your food or drinks with much fewer calories than sugar and a higher nutritional value.

2. Treats Persistent Coughs

When someone catches a severe cold, doctors advise having a tablespoon of raw honey daily. It’s famous for being a perfect cure for coughs that don’t seem to go away. Honey is suitable for adults and children alike. So, the next time you find yourself forcefully coughing, take a couple of honey teaspoons before heading to bed.

Raw honey LearningMole
A Man is Coughing

3. Soothe Stomach Problems

Honey is known for being gentle on the stomach. It treats any disorders and banishes aches if existing by relieving excess gas. Another symptom that you can take honey for is diarrhoea. Studies confirm that honey is full of antibacterial properties that make diarrhoea short-lived. It’s also beneficial for digestive problems.

4. Has Healing Properties

Honey seems to have magical properties. Not only does it have a sweet taste and treat coughs and stomach disorders, but it’s also perfect for wounds. Honey is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties; they help in healing open wounds and treating burns. It serves as a gentle agent on your skin when it’s injured.

5. Boosts Immunity

Studies have shown that honey is vital for stimulating the immunity system, increasing your body’s ability to fight infections and viruses. Medical professionals always advise using honey as an effective remedy for many diseases. It doesn’t treat the ailment directly, but it gives your body the strength to fight back and restore your health faster.

6. Protects from Cancer

This point is complementary to the previous one. One of the best ways to fight cancer cells is by having a robust immunity system, which honey can provide. Honey is also beneficial for cancer patients, as it enhances the recovery of damaged tissues and cells, making the body stronger at fighting cancer cells.

7. Increases Energy

We always get our energy from different sources of carbohydrates. Carbs are the primary fuel of energy that the body uses to function optimally. Interestingly, honey is deemed a healthy source of carbohydrates. It can be used as a quick energy booster in the morning or even before your workout. You can add it to your breakfast smoothie or have it raw. 

Raw honey LearningMole
Raw Honey

8. Improves Brain Functions

With all of the honey’s outstanding properties, it’s fair to know that it plays a vital role in enhancing the brain’s functions. Honey is full of valuable nutrients, including Omega 3, which is famous for improving memory. This nutrient helps flow more blood to your brain, making it function better. It also helps in reducing the risks of getting Alzheimer’s or dementia. 

9. Moisturises Skin

Raw honey is an essential ingredient in creating high-profile cosmetic brands. It’s a top product in the cosmetic industry, given its great benefits for hair, skin, and nails. Honey is a deep moisturiser, hydrating the skin and making it much smoother. Women who regularly use raw honey for their skin tend to have flawlessly radiant skin. 

10. Good for Your Hair

Again, raw honey has hydrating properties, which also work for the hair. It deeply hydrates the hair, making it look more potent and healthier. Moreover, it also helps in soothing the scalp, which helps in getting rid of itchy dandruff. Using raw honey on your hair can boost its shine and promote growth. 

5 Exhilarating Facts to Know About Honey

Honey dramatically benefits one’s overall health, so making it part of your daily routine is essential. Besides its significant advantages, there are also some great facts you’ll be interested to know about honey. Here is some exciting information about this magical delicacy:

  • Honey is the only product of insects that humans can consume with no problems.
  • Raw honey comes in different colours. It can be yellow or orange, with that brown hue, and it can also be white. 
  • Most foods go bad after some time; however, raw honey can live up to thousands of years if stored well.
  • Honey comprises two main contents, water and sugar, with percentages of 20% and 80%, respectively.
  • The United States have a Honey Month, which is September. They aim to market for beekeepers and promote the usage of this terrific product. 

Now that you have learned enough about the perfection of raw honey, you should consider adding it to your food to grow healthier and more robust. 

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