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Being able to access a wealth of information to help your children’s education is easier than ever. Never before have people been able to bring education home in a productive, interactive, and dynamic capacity. The amount of primary school resources online alleviates the worries and pressures of delivering lessons to your children. With a plethora of software, interactive videos, games, lessons, worksheets, and active challenges, children are presented with engaging content and endless opportunities to aid their intellectual growth. Primary school resources are an excellent way of reimagining the classroom and bringing a different style of learning to your children to glean from. Whether you’re a parent and guardian who is wrestling with home education or an educator who wants to reflourish lesson planning, there are a wealth of primary school resources online.

Primary School Resources: Bofa

Teaching and tutoring from home are made easy through sites like Bofa. Designed as an online tutoring system, it pairs formative learning with adaptive testing to create invigorating assessments for Key Stage 2 students and people preparing for their secondary school entrance exams. It is a completely automated experience with a built-in reward system to promote better learning. Bofa builds a learning environment around each child, tailoring it to suit their needs and educational desires. They test, tutor, and retest their work, tracking progress as they go and helping learning at every stage of the process. This type of assessment allows for weaker areas to be targeted as well and looked at in greater detail.

Questions are designed in triplets to assess how well a child has understood a topic. This is then tailored into their teaching and practice, where they can then retest the topic later on. Subject reports are curated for parents to see how well their child is progressing and what areas are their strengths and weaknesses. The initial assessment determines what topics children excel at and which areas need improvement. Future assessments are tailored around these answers to create a personalised learning and testing facility. They believe in heaping praise when an answer is given correctly and providing constructive and sympathetic feedback when a child has answered incorrectly. This is then repurposed into future retesting questions to allow the child the opportunity to revisit their past mistakes.

Passionate teachers, they pursue areas of educational weakness and provide a supportive intellectual growth platform for children to engage and learn from. Offering clear explanations to why they haven’t got the question right and helping them improve their scores by offering bespoke teaching and further practice questions. After a week, a retesting is engaged in to ensure that the knowledge has been embedded in the child’s long-term memory. The retest is then analysed to ensure improvements have been made. A personalised report is then drawn up to ensure that the child has improved on their previous results. Parental or guardian involvement is an integral part of their process, and Bofa makes sure to email you to alert how your child is performing. An interactive example of primary school resources, it gives you a breakdown of the questions and topics your child is excelling in, and where they require guidance and improvement. They include explanations and answers to all incorrect questions, to give you support and understanding if you wish to tutor your child as well.

Encouragement is at the centre of Bofa’s ethos, and this is what makes it one of the best primary school resources online. It has an automated award and medal system that rewards not only correct answers, but also celebrates timekeeping, commitment and, most importantly, improvement. A phenomenal example of primary school resources, Bofa is a wonderful site for primary school children.

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Primary School Resources Online: EdPlace

EdPlace is a unique and innovative site that offers comprehensive coverage of education from learning the alphabet to impending GCSEs. With an incredible app and site to match, EdPlace is a great way of matching your child’s schooling right from the beginning of their education right through to GCSE. Primary school resources are in great multitude here and EdPlace students see a 150% increase in their progress in the subjects of English, maths, and science. Exam-style questions and practice papers hone in on skills development for specific exams boards. With multiple resources online, they also provide verbal and non-verbal reasoning assessments.

Topics are assigned to children based on their year and their progression is adapted so they receive the best outcomes. With a parent dashboard, it has become even easier to monitor your child’s performance and assess their progress. Pinpointing gaps in their learning, it is a fantastic technology that is tailored to your child’s needs. EdPlace provides a visual experience for your children to work towards goals, earn badges, and rewards to celebrate their achievements. With thousands of curriculum and exam board aligned resources, they are specifically designed by teachers to help your child develop the skills they need to be successful in school and beyond. Mumsnet approved, EdPlace is a fantastic collection of primary school resources online.

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Primary School Resources Online: Reading Eggs

Reading is an integral part of education and for a lot of people, it can be a very difficult task. Reading Eggs is designed to help children who struggle with reading. Created for children aged two to thirteen, Reading Eggs makes learning to read an exciting journey to adventure into. A comprehensive reading programme, it is used to bring children from struggling to read to fluent and proficient readers. It is a multi-award winning early resource that is set to your child’s pace and has interactive activities, games, and reading videos to ensure that your children are kept entertained and engaged with the content. Created by primary school teachers, writers, and developers, it’s a story your children won’t want to put down.

Encouraging children to read at home is an important part of their development process. Being at home is a safe space that they can feel confident in and it is proven that children who come from homes that prioritise reading are ahead of their peers in a classroom setting.

Creating a routine around reading is a good way of introducing children to language and learning. Reading Eggs provides an enjoyable reading experience to allow your children to participate in a strategy that is fun and effective. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, it has the potential to be on phones and tablets, transforming screen time. A brilliant method of encouraging children to read and an exemplary model for primary school resources.

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