Prepositions Of Place: 3 Main Powerful Prepositions

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Prepositions of Place: In, on, at

Prepositions of place are used to refer to a place where something or someone is located. They usually come before a noun. They are specifically used to describe a place. There are three basic prepositions of place, however, they can be used to discuss an almost endless number of places:

  • at for a POINT
  • in for an ENCLOSED SPACE
  • on for a SURFACE

Preposition Number 1: In

If something is contained inside a box or a wide flat area, we use ‘in’:

In the newspaper

In a cup

In a bottle

In bed

In London

In a book

In a field

In my stomach

In a house

In a drawer

In a bag

In a car

In  river

In a sea

In a lake

In England

In Egypt

In the fridge

In the living room

In the kitchen

In the garden

In the box

In the microwave


Preposition Number 2: On

If something is on a line or a horizontal or vertical surface, we use ‘on’:

On the table

On the wall

On the floor

On the window

On the face

On the plate

On the page

On the sofa

On the chair

On the bag

On the river

On the bottle

On the bike

On his/her foot

On the desk

On the fridge

On the laptop

On the curtain

On the blanket

On the box

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Preposition Number 3: At

If something is at a point, (it could be a building) we use ‘at’:

At the airport

At the door

At the cinema

At the bus station

At the train station

At the bottom

At the top

At the front

At university

At school

At hospital

At club

At college

At home

At the top of the page

At the corner

At the end of the road

At the door

At the crossroads

At the front desk

At the back

At the shop

At the market

Here’s a list of other prepositions of place with some examples:

Preposition Use Sentences
above higher than something The clock hung above the T.V
across from one side to the other side
  • Kids shouldn’t go across this road.
  • There is a bridge across the river.
after one follows the other The father ran after his kids
against directed towards sth. The snake moved against the door.
along in a line; from one point to another They’re walking along the beach.
among a group He likes being among people.
around in a circular way We’re sitting around the heater.
behind the back of The cinema is behind the supermarket.
below lower than sth. The mineral is below surface level
beside next to The police station is beside the bus stop.
between sth./sb. is on each side The chair is between the desk and the sofa.
by near He lives in the house by the sea.
close to near Our house is close to the supermarket.
down from high to low They came down the hill.
from the place where it starts I’m from Japan.
in front of the part that is in the direction it faces The T.V is in front of the sofa.
the inside opposite of outside Stay inside the car.
into entering sth. You should go into the tunnel.
near close to The fire station is near the supermarket.
next to beside Our house is next to the bank.
off away from sth. The dog jumped off the roof.
onto moving to a place The dog jumped onto the roof.
opposite on the other side Our house is opposite the cinema.
out of leaving sth. The dog jumped out of the window.
the outside opposite of inside I’ll wait outside.
over above sth./sb. The dog jumped over the wall.
past going near sth./sb. I went past the post office.
round in a circle We’re sitting around the speakers.
through going from one point to the other point You shouldn’t walk through the jungle.
to towards sth./sb.
  • I like going to Canada.
  • Can you come to me?
  • I’ve never been to Africa.
towards in the direction of sth. We ran towards the pool.
under below sth. The pen is under the table.
up from low to high He climbed up the mountain.



Practice: Write Down The Correct Preposition.

  1. Sign your name _______ the dotted line.

 A- After                    b- behind                c- on

  1. When we flew _______ the clouds, we could see the earth’s surface.

 A- over                      b- in                        c- below

  1. Can I sit _______ you at the movie theatre?

A-  Around               b- beside                 c- inside

  1. The kids are playing _______ in the backyard.

 A- at                         b- on                       c-  in

  1. Your glasses are right _______ you.

 A- in front of           b- on top of           c-in behind

  1. You can pick up your keys _______ the front desk.

A-  in                         b- at the cover

  1. Let’s meet _______ the front door.

A-  in                         b- at                        c-below

  1. There’s a helicopter hovering _______ our house.

A-  above                 b- on                         c- under

  1. Didn’t you park your car _______ mine?

A- on top of              b- at                         c- behind

  1. Please stay _______ the police caution tape.

 A- behind               b-above                   cover

  1. There are two students ________ the class.
    A- next                         b- in                              c-on
  2. The oranges are not in the basket. They are _______ the table.
    A- in                            b- between                  c- on
  3. My pencil is __________ the books and the notebooks.
    A- between                b- in                             c- on
  4. The red car is ________ of the house.
    A- behind                 b- in front                    c- next to
  5. There isn’t anything __________ my pocket.
    A- between             b- next to                     c- in
  6. Some students are waiting in _______ the classroom.
    A- next to                b- front of                    c- between
  7. Our house is ________ to the supermarket.
    A- in                         b- on                            C- next
  1. Oh my God! I saw a mouse __________ the sofa.
    A- behind                       b- in                       c-next
  2. There is a big supermarket _______ the park.
    A- on                              b- near                  c- in front

20. The children are playing _______ the garden.
A- on                             b- between            c- in

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